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Thursday, 29 November 2018, 18:18

Dropper Fire Grill, and Firefox suxors too

So this came about because I was fighting with firefox and needed to get away from a screen for a while. I wrote a couple of plugins (oh sorry, 'addons', no hang on, web-extensions, WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO CALL IT MOZILLA) and the experience was sour (can't you tell?).

The aforementioned BBQ/firepit thing I haven't gotten around to using yet, one reason is because I wanted to make a fire grate first because it's a bit too deep.

So a few droppers, a bit of hacksawing and some angle grinding later here it is. It just slots together with no fastening or welding.

It's even adjustable! No brick, brick flat, or brick on side!

Actually it might just work better as an esky, but i'll see.

More on the firefox plugins later, they're just for overriding site fonts and site colours. There do exist such plugins but they no longer work for some reason. OF course there's not much use distributing the source becuase you NEED A FUCKING MOZILLA ACCOUNT JUST TO INSTALL THEM.

Tagged rants, workshop.
Saturday, 29 September 2018, 09:09

Bye Bye Jaxby

So one of the biggst changest affecting my projects with Java 11 is the removal of java.xml.bind from the openjdk. This is a bit of a pain because the main reason I used it was the convenience, which is a double pain because not only do i have to undo all that inconvience, all that time using and learning it in the first place has just been confirmed as wasted.

I tried using the last release as modules but they are incompatible with the module system because one or two of the packages are split. I tried just making a module out of them but couldn't get it to work either. And either i'm really shit at google-foo or it's just shit but I couldn't for the life of me find any other reasonable approach so after wasting too much time on it I bit the bullet and just wrote some SAXParser and XMLStreamWriter code mandraulically.

Fortunately the xml trees I had made parsing quite simple. First, none of the element names overlapped so even parsing embedded structures works without having to keep track of the element state. Secondly almost all the simple fields were encoded as attributes rather than elements. So this means almost all objects can be parsed from the startElement callback, and a single stack is used to track encapsulated fields. Becuase I use arrays in a few places a coule of ancilliary lists are used to build them (or I could just change them to Lists).

It's still tedious and error-prone and a pretty shit indightment on the state of Java SE in 2018 vs other languages but once it's done it's done and not having a dependency on half a dozen badly over-engineered packages means it's only done once and i'm not wasting my time learning another fucking "framework".

I didn't investigate where javaee is headed - it'll no doubt eventually solve this problem but removing the dependency from desktop and command-line tools isn't such a bad thing - there have to be good reasons it was dropped from JavaSE in the first place.

One might point to json but that's just as bad to use as a DOM based mechanism which is also just as tedious and error prone. json only really works with fully dynamic languages where you don't have to write any of the field bindings, although there are still plenty of issues with no canonicalised encoding of things like empty arrays or null strings. In any event I need file format compatability so the fact that I also think it's an unacceptably shit solution is entirely moot.


By the end of the week i'd modularised my main library and ported one of the applications that uses it to the new structure. The application itself also needs quite a bit of modularisation but that's a job for next week, as is testing and debugging - it runs but there's a bunch of broken shit.

So using the modules it's actually quite nice - IF you're using modules all the way down. I didn't have time to look further to find out if it's just a problem with netbeans but adding jars to the classpath generally fucks up and it starts adding strange dependencies to the build. So in a couple of cases I took existing jars and added a module-info myself. When it works it's actually really nice - it just works. When it doesn't, well i'm getting resource path issues in one case.

I also like the fact the tools are the ones dictating the source and class file structures - not left to 3rd party tools to mess up.

Unfortunately I suspect modularisation will be a pretty slow-burn and it will be a while before it benefits the average developer.

Netbeans / CVS

As an update on netbeans I joined the user mailing list and asked about CVS - apparently it's in the netbeans plugin portal. Except it isn't, and after providing screenshots of why I would think that it doesn't exist I simply got ignored.

Yeah ok.

Command line will have to do for me until it decides to show up in my copy.

Java After Next

So with Oracle loosening the reigns a bit (?) on parts of the java platform like JavaFX i'm a little concerned about where things will end up.

Outside of the relatively tight core of SE the java platform there are some pretty shitty "industry standard" pieces. ant - it's just a horrible to use tool. So horrible it looks like they've added javascript to address some of it's issues (oh yay). maven has a lot of issues beyond just being slow as fuck. The ease with which it allows one to bloat out dependencies is not a positive feature.

So yeah, if the "industry" starts dictating things a bit more, hopefully they wont have a negative impact.

Tagged java, rants.
Thursday, 21 June 2018, 00:35

Another shitty `technology' company


I have my previous workstation for work sitting idle so I thought i'd drop in an xubuntu install and try building openjdk & openjfx on it. It's got a 6x core I7-980 and plenty of RAM so it should be ok right?

Well all went well until I tried to build webkit, just for completeness. Result - consistent ICE inside g++. Blast. Well I thought it was consistent until I tried it with a fresh build of gcc 7.3, this also crashed but in a different place and when I went back to the system gcc I noticed the crash whilst repeatable wasn't in a consistent place. Actually it started crashing everywhere, even inside various jvm based tasks.

This is typically a symptom of system problems, specifically RAM. I looked in the BIOS incase it's been overclocked but it is so ancient there's no settings for RAM, I ran a few memory testers, I tried various numbers of threads for the build.

Then I remembered Intel and their notorious bugs this year causing system stability problems in some cases. I tried to find the options to turn off the bug mitigations but (in part due to isp maintenance at just that moment) I gave up and just booted with the 4.10.x kernel.

Oh look, works fine now (well, it compiles cleanly, webkit tests still fail!)

Perhaps this is a failure of Canonical, or the Linux developers? No, ultimately it's because Intel cut too many corners and have shit hardware. Then again any company that could design something as poor as HPET in this day and age is obviously fucking incompetent.

On a related note i've been eyeing off a Ryzen system every few months. I price one up and think about it but ultimately leave it for the time being. I'm just not doing enough computing beyond 'read internet' to justify it. Another thing I can't decide on is between some 'low-end' APU system or a beastly 2700X machine. The RAM is still so $$$ here and you need good ram for either. At least the last time I specced one up I noticed from some benchmarks than a 2700X would pretty much cream that old I7-980 at 1/4 of the price (or less, not that I paid for it).

Tagged rants.
Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 14:39

Ahh google, the `great' advertising company!

Oh nice one, they've decided to block all of Blender's videos on youtube because they don't want to turn on advertising.

Essentially blackmailing them into becoming part of their slurping adversiting empire where they get to make most of the money from peoples labour whilst paying a pittance. Despite not being a real user of it, as one of the original supporters who helped fund the freeing of Blender way back when with a few hundred dollars I'm pretty apalled they would be treated this way (although not surprised).

Fortunately the technology is coming together so that alternatives exist to a monolithic/expensive server such as PeerTube which uses WebTorrent, or InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and others. blender.org is experimenting with a peertube instance at video.blender.org already.

Of course that only works so long as bittorrent isn't blocked, or WebRTC isn't blocked, or backbone operators start to throttle protocols competing with those that are part of their corporate conglomerate or have not been paid for. Or regulatory capture though some pro-establishment law effectively bans it (like the EU Copyright `Article 13' crap happening now).

Even if some backlash makes them change their mind it's just another example of the problem of corporate centralisation/ownership of culture.

Tagged free software, rants.
Monday, 04 June 2018, 19:33

github and m$

I only had a couple of long abandoned projects on github but now i've deleted my account. I don't see the immediate reason why m$ would want to buy it but it can't be for a good one for anyone else.

I wonder if they'd have bought if it git had the same meaning in american as it does in english - i.e. bastard, fuckwit, etc.

But anyway I guess it's just as well I didn't move anything there when google code shut down, saves me the hassle of doing it again.

Tagged ffts, picfx, rants.
Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 18:39

Evolution and S/MIME

So I noticed there was a S/MIME security fault in a bunch of email software - including Evolution.

Now my memory is a bit faded because it was 15+ years ago but I'm pretty sure we wrote the code to handle this case (mostly Larry and Jeff). For this each decoded segment was displayed separately with a special gtkhtml tag to reset the html parser between blocks. Although it might have only been on the signature level so I could be wrong but in general it didn't just dump the whole email to HTML for all sorts of reasons. The MIME parser could handle all sorts of broken streams so truncated HTML was expected to come up once in a while.

Of course that must've all been thrown away when the renderer was replaced by the 'better' renderer from apple going by some of the reports of the 'vulnerability'.

Not that i've ever used S/MIME or gpg - it's pretty much useless to me since nobody I know knows how to use it and hardly anyone uses email these days anyway.

I was also horrified to see that evolution now uses cmake. Well just as well I completely ignored the project after I took a voluntary redundancy ... I would've gone absolutely ballistic! Not that compiling with libtool didn't suck complete arse but at least it worked.

But GNOME was already going to shit back before I quit, both due to redhat throwing their weight around and Miguel being such an obnoxiously microsoft fanboi. Haven't touched it in any meaningful way (or Evolution) in over a decade and all I see of it is going backwards by continously copying the next shitty GUI-trend-of-the-month and/or being bullied into shitty designs by a bunch of fuckwits.

Tagged rants.
Friday, 20 April 2018, 11:01

Ahh stuff it

Got sick off all the snot in the logs so i've just moved ssh to another port and DROP all incoming ssh packets.

Well i'm doing a LOG + DROP for now just out of curiosity, but at least the failed login attempts have stopped cold.

I also put up a banner on a-hackers-craic redirecting here. This site still supports access via the year/month/title.html url's that match the ones on blogger (in addition to the hex-id ones); I was going to try to write some javascript to link or direct each post to the new one but it just seems like too much work today.

Tagged rants, zedzone.
Thursday, 19 April 2018, 14:40

NotworkManager and other small things

Had a few problems with system updates lately. One was an upgrade to my remaining slackware system that broke a few things. First it wanted to run LILO after updating the kernel and I said no (I don't use it); not sure if that would have run the grub setup but what happened it wasn't run. Fortunately one of the kernels in grub still existed and booted so it wasn't too hard to fix.

It also broke NetworkManager - or rather, it stopped working again. It's been a flakey piece of shit forever but I thought it was finally 'stable' enough to use (despite a few quirks on that machine like it not automatically reconnecting after waking up).

Well not so!

It simply wouldn't connect anymore. No idea why. I went back to using rc.inet1.conf and it now works flawlessly - even reconnects after waking up. I'd already done this (or equivalent) on all my other machines, and it seems to be with good reason.


I knew the internet was pretty slimey these days but actually setting up a server on the naked internet over the last weekend was a bit of an eye opener.

I noticed a massive spike in traffic on the 15th - given that the only service running at the time was the 'experiment' page 1GB seemed a bit off. It was just someone brute-forcing sshd. Since this server went live on the 26th of march it has processed over 300 000 failed login attempts, I imagine (but haven't verified) most of those were on the 15th. They certainly weren't me.

It's probably just a drop in the ocean compared to all the `real' traffic but it seems such a waste. Yay for bots.

So i've put a few mitigations in place over the last few days:

I don't really want to have to maintain the last but i'll see how it goes.

Anyway it's sort of interesting to see the logins being used - root is obvious but hottie, mother and david don't seem too obvious.

Just for fun, here's the complete list of the usernames and frequency counts as of a few minutes ago.

       1 irc                1 sync               1 syslog             2             
       2 !                  2 12345678           2 1234qwer           2 123qwe      
       2 12qwaszx           2 1qazxsw2           2 654321             2 777777      
       2 aaron              2 abcd1234           2 admin@12           2 admintek    
       2 admUS              2 adriana            2 aion               2 alexis      
       2 amanda             2 amit               2 amy                2 andrea      
       2 angela             2 anthony            2 antiviru           2 ARGENTIN    
       2 arsenal            2 ashok              2 asshole            2 bananapi    
       2 bank               2 baseball           2 board              2 bobby       
       2 bonita             2 botmaste           2 byte               2 bytes       
       2 cameron            2 carditek           2 carmen             2 carolina    
       2 centos             2 chat               2 chelsea            2 chicken     
       2 chris              2 cinema             2 claudia            2 corazon     
       2 counters           2 crystal            2 cs                 2 csgoserv    
       2 csserver           2 customs            2 cuteako            2 cvs         
       2 cyber              2 data               2 db1                2 db2inst1    
       2 december           2 deploy             2 destiny            2 docker      
       2 download           2 dragon             2 dvd                2 edu         
       2 educatio           2 elastics           2 family             2 fedora      
       2 flower             2 forum              2 freedom            2 ftpuser1    
       2 gabriel            2 games              2 gaming             2 gb          
       2 ghost              2 gmodserv           2 gnu                2 gnuworld    
       2 greenday           2 harley             2 hdsf               2 hiitplc     
       2 home               2 hottie             2 html               2 http        
       2 hunter             2 idc!@              2 internet           2 ircd        
       2 isabel             2 jessica            2 jessie             2 jiamima     
       2 karen              2 kartel             2 keith              2 kernel      
       2 kitten             2 kmc                2 laura              2 lauren      
       2 libuuid            2 liferay            2 linaro             2 linux       
       2 linuxmin           2 liverpoo           2 logon              2 lovers      
       2 lpa                2 lucas              2 maganda            2 maggie      
       2 mail               2 mailman            2 maintain           2 manuel      
       2 marketin           2 matthew            2 mdb                2 miguel      
       2 muiehack           2 music              2 musicbot           2 mylove      
       2 myspace            2 nathan             2 Neuchate           2 Norwood     
       2 ns                 2 ns2                2 nuucp              2 october     
       2 odroid             2 openssh-           2 openvpn            2 oper        
       2 oracle2            2 orlando            2 otrs               2 pass        
       2 passw0rd           2 passwd             2 pc                 2 pepper      
       2 php                2 pictures           2 poohbear           2 portal      
       2 pretty             2 princess           2 proba              2 proftpd     
       2 project            2 p@ssw0rd           2 purple             2 q1w2e3r4    
       2 qazwsx             2 qwe123             2 qwerty             2 radio       
       2 rangers            2 rdp                2 redis              2 redmine     
       2 richard            2 root123            2 rootme             2 rsync       
       2 sakura             2 saw                2 scanner            2 security    
       2 servercs           2 serverpi           2 services           2 shell       
       2 sinus123           2 skan               2 skaner             2 snoopy      
       2 soccer             2 soft               2 software           2 steven      
       2 sweetie            2 sweety             2 tequiero           2 test123     
       2 test5              2 test6              2 testftp            2 tim         
       2 tomcat7            2 transfer           2 tsserver           2 ucpss       
       2 Untersee           2 upload             2 upport             2 uptime      
       2 user02             2 veronica           2 victor             2 video       
       2 virus              2 visitor            2 vnc                2 volumio     
       2 webconfi           2 webporta           2 webtest            2 Welcome1    
       2 wmware             2 x                  2 xbmc               2 xuelp123    
       2 zhaowei            2 zxin10             4 50cent             4 666666      
       4 admin123           4 alan               4 alarm              4 alejandr    
       4 alpine             4 andy               4 antonio            4 babygirl    
       4 bamboo             4 bin                4 blankend           4 build       
       4 carlos             4 control            4 csgo               4 daemon      
       4 daniela            4 dante              4 database           4 debian-s    
       4 dev                4 edi                4 fabricio           4 fabrizio    
       4 forever            4 gian               4 giorgio            4 giovanni    
       4 hannah             4 hello              4 iloveyou           4 jira        
       4 justin             4 leonardo           4 marco              4 mine        
       4 minecraf           4 naruto             4 nas                4 nginx       
       4 odoo               4 odoo2              4 oracle4            4 packer      
       4 patricia           4 patrizio           4 paul               4 plex        
       4 qwer1234           4 rebecca            4 roberto            4 rocco       
       4 sergio             4 shadow             4 shorty             4 shoutcas    
       4 staff              4 sysop              4 t7adm              4 test4       
       4 tsbot              4 vincenzi           4 vitaly             4 web         
       4 welcome            6 2Wire              6 admin2             6 amber       
       6 bot                6 camera             6 develope           6 dummy       
       6 Guest              6 hduser             6 jason              6 max         
       6 mobile             6 mythtv             6 netman             6 proxy       
       6 !root              6 Root               6 samba              6 server      
       6 sinus              6 temp               6 teste              6 training    
       6 ts3bot             6 ts3sleep           6 ts3user            6 vagrant     
       6 vps                6 zimeip             7 sys                8 albert      
       8 alessio            8 alex               8 anna               8 aurora      
       8 bianca             8 elena              8 enrica             8 ethos       
       8 hadoop             8 informix           8 lorenco            8 lorenzo     
       8 lucaluca           8 luigi              8 luka               8 marcel      
       8 marcello           8 maria              8 marta              8 massimo     
       8 mattia             8 olivia             8 oracle1            8 pia         
       8 piero              8 pippo              8 romeo              8 sinusbot    
       8 suporte            8 t7inst             8 test7              8 testing     
       8 tommaso            8 ts                 8 user3              8 valerio     
      10 0101              10 admins            10 cpanel            10 danny       
      10 dbuser            10 gnats             10 john              10 lavander    
      10 michael           10 miner             10 office            10 oracle3     
      10 postmast          10 prueba            10 test1             10 test8       
      10 tplink            10 user2             10 vmuser            12 101         
      12 123321            12 1502              12 266344            12 3comcso     
      12 aaa               12 acc               12 adam              12 adfexc      
      12 Admin             12 ADMN              12 agent             12 alessand    
      12 am                12 api               12 avahi             12 bill        
      12 bob               12 Cisco             12 draytek           12 echo        
      12 engineer          12 enrique           12 fax               12 gopher      
      12 helpdesk          12 houx              12 installe          12 kodi        
      12 luca              12 mario             12 mark              12 matteo      
      12 mike              12 mtch              12 naadmin           12 NAU         
      12 nt                12 pizza             12 Polycom           12 pos         
      12 print200          12 PRODDTA           12 PSEAdmin          12 radware     
      12 rapport           12 rcust             12 router            12 shop        
      12 steve             12 svin              12 svn               12 Sweex       
      12 SYSADM            12 SYSDBA            12 target            12 telco       
      12 telecom           12 ts3serve          12 ubadmin           12 user01      
      12 USERID            12 username          12 vcr               12 vmadmin     
      12 VNC               12 volition          12 vt100             12 VTech       
      12 webadmin          14 1111              14 a                 14 demo        
      14 ftptest           14 info              14 library           14 media       
      14 midgear           14 superman          14 system            14 www-data    
      16 angelo            16 cvsuser           16 cyrus             16 donatell    
      16 dvs               16 firebird          16 oracle5           16 scan        
      16 supervis          16 vyatta            18 Administ          18 backup      
      18 ftpadmin          18 git               18 jenkins           18 mtcl        
      18 raspberr          18 steam             18 teamspea          18 tech        
      18 ts3               18 User              18 www               20 debian      
      20 martin            20 sales             20 sshd              20 test9       
      22 12345             22 oliver            22 setup             22 telecoma    
      22 test2             24 123456            24 client            24 daniel      
      24 Operator          24 student           24 sysadm            26 0           
      26 backuppc          26 vision            28 avis              28 cisco       
      28 david             28 Manageme          28 mother            28 mysql       
      28 sysadmin          28 uucp              30 plcmspip          30 public      
      32 apache            32 master            34 applmgr           34 osmc        
      34 phion             36 butter            36 squid             38 111111      
      38 cacti             38 cron              38 nobody            38 user1       
      38 wp-user           38 zimbra            40 scaner            42 anonymou    
      42 castis            42 ftp_user          46 123               46 22          
      46 PlcmSpIp          46 usuario           46 webmaste          50 monitor     
      54 qhsuppor          54 testuser          60 manager           60 sybase      
      62 jboss             64 ftp_test          65 service           72 tomcat      
      76 zabbix            78 administ          78 super             90 default     
      96 adm               96 nagios           102 1234             112 operator    
     128 oracle           130 postgres         142 ftp              228 ftpuser     
     242 support          292 pi              4140 ubuntu          4192 guest       
    4268 ubnt            4302 test            4434 user            6081 admin       
  267194 root

Given this i'm not entirely sure it's a great idea to be running cvstrac - it appears to be unmaintained and so on, but it's only intended to be a short-term solution anyway.

Weather's too nice to be inside, i've done enough hours for the week, and a brother is in town so I think it's beer time!

Update 22/4/18: Thinking about the strange usernames, they are probably bot related accounts? Doesn't really matter.

Tagged rants, zedzone.
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