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Monday, 04 June 2018, 19:33

github and m$

I only had a couple of long abandoned projects on github but now i've deleted my account. I don't see the immediate reason why m$ would want to buy it but it can't be for a good one for anyone else.

I wonder if they'd have bought if it git had the same meaning in american as it does in english - i.e. bastard, fuckwit, etc.

But anyway I guess it's just as well I didn't move anything there when google code shut down, saves me the hassle of doing it again.

Tagged ffts, picfx, rants.
Friday, 15 November 2013, 13:37

PicFX out

I did a bit of a clean, a README, some (not very good) tweaks to the layout files for a high dpi phone vs 7" tablet, and just checked in the code into:

I haven't cross-checked by building from a clean checkout from scratch so there could be some missing bits: i'll check when I can. I've also only built it on Fedora with some slightly older-than-current version(s) of the android ndk/sdk.

My previous post has some screenshots which are representative of the state of the code.

I did have grander plans but between my main work and it being a bit of a weird-arsed year and they didn't make it. However apart from some minor layout issues on small screens and the lack of capabilities, the basic operation and backend design i'm fairly pleased with for a couple of weeks work spread over 5 months.

Tagged android, code, ffts, hacking.
Tuesday, 29 October 2013, 21:12


I haven't been working on this nearly as regularly as I should've been but here's a bit of an update on the demo android app I was doing for ffts (an fft library).

It was looking a bit bare so I added in the effects I came up with on the weekend. This pretty much forced me to revamp the whole backend again ... but after a few hours work it's all roses. Or tomatoes.

Because I was aiming for some performance the code isn't the best 'example' code, but what can you do eh. Some of the design made code re-use difficult so there's a bit of copy/paste. Even with straight C the interactive performance is very good - over 10fps during a basic convolution of 4 channels. Of course it's only updating a 512x512 tile to help with this interactive speed, but i'm using multiple threads for most of the work. I took the NEON code out for now so there's a little more to be gained although most of the time is spent within the fourier transforms.

Today I added a bit of branding and cleaned up the GUI a bit and so (finally!) it's almost to a releasable state.

Tagged android, ffts, hacking.
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