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Friday, 13 March 2015, 13:25

ahh shit, google code is being scrapped

Joy. I guess it's not making google enough money.

I'll make a copy of all my projects and then delete them. Probably sooner rather than later (probably immediately because i'd rather get it out of the way, i have a script going now). I'm keeping all the commit history for now although i never find it particularly useful. Links in old posts may break.

Some of them may or may not appear later somewhere else, or they may just sit on my hdd until i forget about them and delete them by accident or otherwise.

Wherever they end end up though it wont be in one of the other commercial services because i'm not interested in doing this again.

I need to do the same to this blog, ... but that can wait.

Update: So ... it seems someone did notice. Don't worry i've got a full backup of everything. In part I was pissed off with google and in part I wanted to make it immediately obvious it was going away to see if anyone actually noticed. Who could know from the years of feedback i've never received.

If you are interested in particular projects then add a comment about them anywhere on this blog. All comments are moderated so they wont appear till i let them through but there is no need to post more than once (i'll delete any nonsense or spam unless it makes you look like a bit of a wanker). I will see about enabling anonymous comments for the moment if they are not already on. I can then decide what to do depending on the interest.

I will not be using github or sourceforge nor the like.

In a follow-up post i'll see where i'm going with them as well as pondering the future location and shape of the blog itself. I've already written some stuff to take the blogger atom stuff, strip out the posts, download images, and fix the urls.

(in resp to Peter below) I knew the writing was on the wall when google code removed binary hosting: it's kinda useless for it's purpose without it. This is why all my new projects subsequent to that date are hosted differently.

Tagged android, beagle, code, dusk, games, gloat, hacking, imagez, jjmpeg, mediaz, pdfz, puppybits, readerz, socles.
Saturday, 22 February 2014, 16:35

Small poke

Started moving some of my code and whatnot over to the new pc and had a bit of a poke around DuskZ after fixing a bug in the FX slide-show code exposed by java 8.

I'm just working on putting the backend into berkeley db. Took a while to remember where I was at, then I made some changes to add a level of indirection between item (types) where they exist (on-map or in-inventory). And then I realised I need to do something similar for active objects but hit a small snag on how to do it ...

I'm trying to resolve the relationship between persistent storage and active instances whilst maintaining the class hierarchy and trying to leverage indices and referential integrity from the DB. And trying not to rewrite huge chunks of code. I think i'm probably just over-thinking it a bit.

Also now have too many importers/exporters for dead formats which can probably start to get culled.

So yeah, quick visit but (still) need to think a bit more.

Tagged dusk.
Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 19:16

Little tool things & anim stuff

I was poking around at making a simple map viewer in a way that works directly with tiled output mainly as a way to see the animation stuff in motion. But I looked a bit further at using it for some other map related things.

I store everything in a jar file - from a set of pngs for the tilesets, to the multi-layered map, the tile 'script' information, and I just had a quick 15 minute poke to see how to add the location based script information shown here as well. This allows one to define some basic behaviour like impassable barriers, doors/portals, and calls out to scripts directly in the tiled.

per-tile properties allow one to define impassable/un"stand"able objects, or calls to scripts, and the animation sequences - i'm still coming up with a simple enough design for the last point, but it will probably be something like:


Where group is symbolic, step is a sequence number, and the duration is the number of milliseconds per step taken from the tile with a step of 0. To make a tile animatable, one draws using the tile with step 0. This allows the same tiles to be used in different animation sequences so long as step 0 is unique. I'm still debating whether i have an extra layer of indirection and define animation sets which operate together to ensure they are always in sync. However i'm not sure it's worth the complication as I think the lower level animation system can ensure that anyway.

Tagged dusk.
Sunday, 10 November 2013, 13:38

3rd time lucky

Instead of socialising with mates down at a local winery like I should have been, I was feeling too antisocial so I spent most of yesterday investigating using db-je for duskz ... and pretty much ended up rewriting the whole codebase; resulting in a 3rd totally incompatible game. And I still have about a days work to get back to where I was before ...

In the end the changes are more minor than I thought they would be:

These aren't very big changes in reality and i just turned them into much more work than was required. However, along the way I cleaned up a few things:

But the big benefits of dumping into a db are ...

I still need to have my own in-memory indices for some objects because db-je is only an i/o layer and doesn't manage java object instances but it is only needed in some cases (e.g. in-game live objects) and is thin anyway. Actually I don't necessarily need these; it may be something i look into in the future although scalability isn't really an issue ...

But today i'm having a day off and will go read a book outside or something (and have an AFD at that).

Tagged dusk.
Saturday, 09 November 2013, 00:26

Objects, they kind of suck.

I had a bit of a poke around the dusk code today, looking into the embedded db option.

It's not going to be as easy as I thought ... oh well.

The main trouble is that the objects used in the game are usually copies of some prototype object. So most of the data is copied but read-only - i.e. the sort of stuff that when you put it into a database you separate into a separate shared table. For Actives, I might be able to move this type of stuff into Races.

Another related issue is that the object heirarchy - whilst accurately representing every behaviour wanted in the game - is just a bit hassle for me to have to duplicate again to fix the database tables. I might simplify it.

It might even make sense to drop the common base class for everthing. One motivation for that was to save on (the considerable) i/o code, but all that can go away now. Another motivation was a single hash table for all live objects; but usually the code is only interested in a sub-set of classes anyway, and if it is backed by a database having seperate tables is more flexible.

I guess I still need to sit on this a bit more becaausei'm trying to be lazy and get away with a small amount of effort.

Tagged dusk.
Friday, 01 November 2013, 12:37

DuskZ + embedded db

So after being on the backburner for a while i've started thinking about duskz again.

Apart from finding other things to do with my time one reason I shelved it that I was pretty unhappy with the i/o mechanism i came up with. It was just a pile of pointless boilerplate and fucking around and it wasn't fun to write and wouldn't be to maintain ...

Thus I think the first thing I want to work on is changing to an embedded database, and let that handle all the shit. Fortunately berkeley db-je has a rather awesome persistence interface and so i'll be using that. The only thing I need to manage is tracking unique instances of live objects, but that is really very little work.

At first I thought i'd have an issue with prototypical objects - i.e. loading base state from an object, which then becomes a live copy - but I can just use a separate store (aka 'database') for that.

Anyway this isn't going to be a high priority and i'll only hack on it in bits and pieces when I have the time and energy. I think the design work I did earlier will make it fairly simple, although it might need some tweaking to fit.

Tagged dusk.
Sunday, 15 September 2013, 10:44

So that DuskZ thing ...

After doing nothing with it for months I finally checked in all the DuskZ code I had sitting on my HDD.

Unfortunately its very much work in progress and I didn't do any cleaning up (other than check the licensing), so it's all just "as it was" right now. I think the last thing I added was animated tiles, and before that multiple-map support.

At least some of the code there is a decent quality, although not much use on it's own.

Is it dead or just pining?

I'm not sure when I will get time to work on it again - i'm either too busy or hungover lately and it's hard enough to get the time just to fit in social interaction or the garden with all other hacking i'm doing lately. Actually it's not so much the physical time as being able to fit it in mentally as one needs to devote quite a bit of mind-share to do a good job. Like most I'm usually more active during summer so maybe i'll have time to fit it in ...

Just going through the code checking the licenses did pique my interest a little bit but also made me realise I would need a good few days of switched-on thinking to be able to do the next bit of work, that is after I even work out where I was at.

An embedded database backend would definitely be high on the list for example.

Tagged dusk.
Friday, 24 May 2013, 11:50

on google

So google have decided to disable downloads on google code.

So I have decided to stop using it.

... although as yet I have no concrete plans or timeline for when this decision will take effect.

Whilst they claim it's about abuse, one can only assume that is just a "likely-sounding excuse" for what in reality is just another straight-up lie from the PR department of a supra-national conglomerate, and it's really just a way to cut costs and promote their 'drive' service (a useless microsoft/apple only service as far as i'm concerned).

Nobody seems to have reported that they have also gimped their POP interface to gmail a couple of days ago. No more UID support. This makes POP a lot less reliable/useful as a mail store (although in honesty it was never designed for that purpose). I proceeded to delete all the mail in gmail to help them free up some disk space.

I guess over-all the writing is on the wall. We all know that at some point 'google account' will mean 'google+', and blogger may be retired at any time.

So it seems my on-going-but-totally-lax search for alternatives to 'everything google for convenience' just got another big kick up the rump-side.

As my projects are all pretty small and low-volume I might look at a local solution because every network based solution faces the same problem. I have a couple of beagleboards doing nothing although getting a running and secure-enough system might be more pain than it's worth.

It's a bit of a pain to have to deal with.

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