Workbench 2.0 XFCE theme

A fun little Workbench 2.0 style theme I knocked out one bored evening. It works with XFCE4's window manager.


The following is a grab of the settings i'm using for the theme in the WindowManager configuration.

I also prefer similar grey backgrounds for all applications but setting those is usually per-application and a right pain in the arse.


Some more screenshots to pad out the page.

Not focused



Only close, pin, zap, and depth buttons have been defined. Well, the others are pointless.

Not every function perfectly maps to existing window managers so i've mapped the depth gadget to minimise, and the zap gadget to maximise.

The zap and depth button internals are the same size as the Workbench2.0 gadget imagery but they can probably be increased in height by 2 pixels each to fit the dimensions better.


Public domain or equivalent.


This is just a raw tar of `/usr/share/themes/Workbench2.0'.



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