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Some random thoughts and projects that didn't fit on my blog or predate it.

My new projects are also veering away from advertising supported services and will start to end up here.


These are more or less longer-form "blog" posts.


In no particular order.


Static link library of high quality C utility functions.


A personal blog engine, it is used to run https://www.zedzone.space/blog/ (the blog on this site).


A real-time audio synthesiser. Well a prototype/experiment of one.


A Java binding for FFmpeg.

dez - Delta-Z

A binary diff/delta generator/compressor, restorer/decompressor, and file format.


A `simple' java binding for OpenCL.

Internode Radio Player App

An Android player for customers of Internode and IINet in Australia for listening to un-metered radio stations.


Fast Object Detection in One Line Of Code. An algorithm, a paper, a demo app.

elf loader for parallella

A dynamic relocatable elf loader for parallella (now retired, see ezesdk).

ezesdk for parallella

An alternative loader and run-time for software development on parallella/epiphany. Supercedes the elf loader library.

ezetool for epiphany

A (set of?) tool(s?) for code analysis of the epiphany cpu.

I used to have a number of projects on google code until google shut it down. Some might come back here.


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