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Monday, 30 December 2019, 00:41

Vulkan + OpenCL?

I've been slowly working on some OpenCL on Vulkan stuff using clspv. It's a bit too hot here, my heart isn't really in it, but I'm slowly making progress.

The last thing I checked in was an example that uses more complicated argument passing conventions and uses a small compiler to turn the descriptor map file from clspv into some tables used for initialisation and argument setting. Actually I wrote a patch for clspv to output the data type so the compiler can use it.

Of course along the way I hit fairly obtuse errors from vulkan regarding extensions and options which need to be enabled for the small kernel I wrote, but thanks to the validation layer they were able to be resolved without too much work.

I'm working on abstracting a lot of the details away into a more OpenCL-like API, the first few examples were stand-alone but there's really just so much boilerplate it makes it too confusing for an example. I've discovered a few options like VK_DESCRIPTOR_BINDING_UPDATE_AFTER_BIND_BIT_EXT and it's associated settings that are required for the kernels to behave somewhat like OpenCL where you can modify kernel arguments for subsequent submission. From my preliminary work I think most of the behaviour can be recreated, although the more limiting factor is the compiler and SPIR-V.

It can be found inside the opencl-args directory of zproto-vulkan, but I'll probably re-arrange the directory structure at some point and continue to work on the abstraction. As of this post it's pretty much just when I got it working at all and I didn't try to work on the queuing mechanism.

Tagged code, hacking, opencl, vulkan.
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