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Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 03:14

Broke my hip

Well that was fun.

I hadn't been out for a recreational ride on my road bike for a long time - probably over a year - and thought i'd go for an easy warm up ride down to the beach, drop by the city for a beer and then home again.

15 mintues into the journey i took a slow corner off a main road onto a side road, the front wheel started skidding and i landed on my hip - breaking it. I wasn't breaking, I was maybe going 15km/hr, the road surface was decent. I think maybe I hit a small round twig that rolled - I saw something like that afterwards although it wasn't quite where I thought i'd ridden.

Fortunately I didn't need a hip replacement (at my age) but I had an operation to screw the fermal neck together to hold it while the bone heals. I'm on crutches for 6 weeks and then physiotherapy for a while before I can walk proper distances and more before i'm on a bike again. This is pretty inconvenient given it's my only form of transport.

Fell off Thursday morning about 1045, operated on at 1930, and on crutches alone going to the toilet by Friday 1900. So I was home from the hospital by Saturday night and a friend help me setup the house so I don't have to nagivate a few steps that split part of the house.

Mentally i'm going ok enough for now, newphew is coming to stay with me to help around the house, and maybe this will get some friends to visit me for once. On the other hand the pain is making sleep a bit difficult so I don't think it would take much for the facade to wear away.

Sitting, lying, standing, pretty much anything gets painful fairly quickly so I can't really do much and i'm off work for a while. The client has run low on money so i'm only doing a couple of days a week now - my contract boss wants me to get involved in other projects ... but i'm not too keen at the moment (actually it was part of the reason I went for the ride in the first place).

I guess it'll give me plenty of time to think, maybe i need to change my life.

This is about all the typing i can manage in a session so ta ta.

Tagged biographical.
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