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Friday, 26 April 2019, 02:20

Moar Sauce!

I've now moved my main projects over to using modular Java 11 as well as using git. I've quite a few projects remaining.

I'm undecided on many of them whether they just go in the bin, get updated and published (and abandoned) or get worked on actively again.

blogz is almost ready.

This is mostly a git setup but I'm not actually using it yet on this site either, although i've synchronised the code between them now. Once I do both it'll be there.

playerz is a mess.

This is in the midst of a large amount of changes and I lost track of where I was at. Its a fairly interesting little project though so I will get back to it.

izlib is unfinished

I think I discussed this years ago but basically it's unpublished and well from unfinished. It's basically an image processing toolkit and an experimental platform for Java Streams and API refinement.

I don't really have any plans but I noticed the other day there's a lot of code just sitting there rotting away.

mediaz is archived

mediaz was a project I had on google code which was sort of a predecessor to izlib as well as a collection of early JavaFX experiments which are more or less tutorials for others. And the basic start of a layered bitmap image editor (imagez).

It was about the only project anyone asked about when google code went down. I have the repository archived so I guess I could at least convert it.

termz is unfinished

This was a little fun project using OpenCL to drive a terminal emulator display. It's pretty much pointless and could be done directly with OpenGL.

cdez is rotting

I actually have a C version of dez 1.2 too. It could be updated and published or something.

rez and crez are complicated

rez is a project that implements a `personal' versioned blob store. It supports free branches and cheap copies (iirc), renames, metadata and all that jazz, and uses dez for compact storage. Berkely DB (JE) is used as an embedded database.

This is a project i've worked on and off for years (15?+) with separate C and Java implementations. The original driver was for a web CMS. The last time I worked on it was a year ago porting it to C (including a C versin of dez), for this very blog - although in the end I stayed with the simple blogz.

It's explicitly not `enterprise' oriented on purpose.

There's probably plenty of alternatives around now and I don't really know what to do with it. I never quite got the API down to the point I was really happy with. The C version should probably use lmdb now.

What I have done actually works though so I should probably drop it out somewhere. The problems aren't all that complicated but I think I solved them in a fairly tidy and compact and reusable way.

libeze - 2.0

I just need to drop this into git as is.

This was also in the midst of a large number of changes but I kept them out for the last release. But I have a good number of bits and pieces I can add to it. playerz is the main driver here, but that doesn't need much.

SynthZ - the popular one

I'm not doing anything with this, but it has been downloaded fairly often. Maybe I will git it.

I did learn some more about SourceDataLine so the soft keyboard is real-time now!

wanki is who the hell knows

This was a wiki engine using texinfo markup and with the abiity to properly organise and export multi-page documents. It's always been pre-alpha and gone through a number of varients, from C to JavaEE.

It was the original driver for what became (c)rez.

Who knows, maybe one day, I still think it's got some merit. Wiki's still have major trouble with multi-page documents ordered like a book.

DuskZ is unfinished

An attempt at working on a simple game. I got caught up in pointless (de)serialisation stuff and other sort of unimportant details. I'm sorry to the lad that I chatted to about it. He is a nice fellow. But it was sort of at a bad time personally and I just dont have the interest to work on it anymore. I hate letting people down.

I don't know if there's really anything salvagable at this point as all I did was break a bunch of stuff.

socles is archived

This was an OpenCL image processing library. Nobody cared and eventually neither did I. There might be something salvagable for an eventual izlib backend, maybe.

low level arm code, puppybits, zedos

puppybitz is somewhat stale but maybe there's some stuff useful there.

zedos stopped when I hit the USB driver. Fuck intel for making that junk.

paralella is DEAD TO ME

The parallella stuff i'm not longer working on and it will be staying where it is (at least it's published).

I still have some boards but the whole thing soured me on kickstarter and I will never put money into anything of the sort again. It seems it's mostly used for these sort of projects as a 'lets get some zero-cost bridging finance so our real investors have more confidence' which is pretty much fucked-up capitalism at it's finest.

Wherein capital should be the one taking risks to invest in capital to make more of it. This instead is, well, get the plebs to give us free money and take all the risk for no return!

Android apps are going nowhere

Again the source is already out, it's unlikely I will do more but whether I do will be on a case-by-case basis.

I'm sure there is more - that's just what I found from my archive of google code and a quick look at what I have sitting on THIS computer. I've got drives and backups elsehwere, who knows.

Probably if anything I should start checkpointing more often and dumping shit on code.zedzone.space. Until I had that I didn't really have anywhere to put the random otherwise not really publishable-in-themselves experiments which abound.

It will be a while before this list is fully processed.

Tagged code, java, zedzone.
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