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Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 18:39

Evolution and S/MIME

So I noticed there was a S/MIME security fault in a bunch of email software - including Evolution.

Now my memory is a bit faded because it was 15+ years ago but I'm pretty sure we wrote the code to handle this case (mostly Larry and Jeff). For this each decoded segment was displayed separately with a special gtkhtml tag to reset the html parser between blocks. Although it might have only been on the signature level so I could be wrong but in general it didn't just dump the whole email to HTML for all sorts of reasons. The MIME parser could handle all sorts of broken streams so truncated HTML was expected to come up once in a while.

Of course that must've all been thrown away when the renderer was replaced by the 'better' renderer from apple going by some of the reports of the 'vulnerability'.

Not that i've ever used S/MIME or gpg - it's pretty much useless to me since nobody I know knows how to use it and hardly anyone uses email these days anyway.

I was also horrified to see that evolution now uses cmake. Well just as well I completely ignored the project after I took a voluntary redundancy ... I would've gone absolutely ballistic! Not that compiling with libtool didn't suck complete arse but at least it worked.

But GNOME was already going to shit back before I quit, both due to redhat throwing their weight around and Miguel being such an obnoxiously microsoft fanboi. Haven't touched it in any meaningful way (or Evolution) in over a decade and all I see of it is going backwards by continously copying the next shitty GUI-trend-of-the-month and/or being bullied into shitty designs by a bunch of fuckwits.

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