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Sunday, 17 December 2017, 07:54

jjmpeg & stuff

Well for whatever reason I got stuck into redoing jjmpeg and seem to have written most of the code (90%?) after a couple of weekends. It was mostly mandraulic and a bit tedious but somehow surprisingly relaxing and engaging; a short stint of unchallenging work can be a nice change. A couple of features are still missing but the main core is done.

Unfortunately my hope that the ffmpeg api was more bindable didn't really pan out but it isn't really any worse either. Some of the nastiest stuff doesn't really need to be dealt with fortunately.

I transformed most of the getters and setters into a small number of simple macros, and thus that part is only about as much work as the previous implementation despite not needing a separate compilation stage. I split most of the objects into separate files to make them simpler to maintain and added some table-based initialisation helpers to reduce the source lines and code footprint.

It's pretty small - counting `;' there's only 750 lines of C and 471 lines of Java sources. The 0.x version has 800 lines of C and 900 lines of Java, a big portion of which is generated from an 800 line (rather unmaintainable) Perl script. And the biggest reduction is the compiled size, the jar shrank from 274KB to 73KB, with only a modest increase from 55KB to 71KB in the (stripped) shared library size (although the latter doesn't include the dvb or utility classes).

There's still a lot of work to do though, I still need to test anything actually works and port over the i/o classes and enum tables at the least, and a few more things probably. This is the boring stuff so it'll depend on my mood.

Fuck PCs

In other news I finally killed my PC - I tried one more time to play with the BIOS and after a few updates it got so unstable it just crashed during an update and bricked the motherboard. Blah. I discovered I could order a new BIOS rom so i've done that and i'll see if i can recover it, otherwise I might get another mobo if I can still get AM2+ boards here, or just get another machine. I'll probably look into the latter anyway as it's always been a bit of a hassle (despite working flawlessly when it does and it's a very nice small machine.

Tagged java, jjmpeg, rants.
`parallel' streams | jjmpeg?
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