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Sunday, 07 June 2015, 15:24

... 75.

First time the scales hit 75kg this morning. Probably be up by the end of the day but i'll take it as written. I thought the weight loss was slowing down there as i seemed to be stuck at about 78 for a while but my 80kg post was only 5 weeks ago so it's still shedding at a fair clip. Can't remember exactly when I was last around this weight - probably about 2000 before I went to Boston and eating american food and their foul soft-drinks. It's further than I expected and i'm not sure how much farther I will or should take it, I have a light frame so a few more off wouldn't be excessive even if i might be approaching 'skinny' in the light of modern averages.

I'm barely eating anything yet still functioning about as well (or not) as I was before. Some days i get away with only a couple of handfuls of nuts, some watery/herby/spicy soup I make in a mug, and a single piece of toast; often bread and butter has been the basis of "the main meal of the day". Haven't had the need for afternoon naps for months despite not sleeping better or worse than before and I certainly feel less hungry all of the time than I did when I was eating too much - it felt like something wasn't quite right at the time but it didn't seem possible to correct it. But now even if i'm feeling "really hungry" it takes little to satiate that hunger and I can't finish full sized meals.

The gout seems under control for now but then i strained my other foot from favouring it for so long (@#$@$#) but that will clear up eventually. It's been too cold to do much outside so i'm not missing much.

Not much hacking the last few weeks. I still can't get SVM to work with OpenCL despite it working in some sdk samples. I'm doing some javafx tools for work and getting fairly proficient at that although I still get stuck with frustrating layout issues from time to time. Now I understand it's usage i'm quite liking Tasks for a lot of things although running separate threads and processing loops is still the best solution for anything stateful; threads are quite the joy in Java and they're a great strength over most other languages.

So with not much else to do I've been putting regular time into DRIVECLUB (its a really stunning game and I would rate it over GT for me personally), did a few afternoons of Final Fantasy 13 (i forgot how polished a proper big budget game can be, solid frame-rate, no tearing, and compared to the ps2 games it loads quickly and rarely too; pity the story and characters are awful and it's a bit grindy). I usually try some of the PS+ games but nothing has really grabbed me so far and although a few seem quite solid they are just not to my taste. But I haven't even run most of them. Barely watching tv. I watch some footy but for fucks sake I would kill for a separate audio stream without the fuckwit commentators messing it up (or ads). Abernathy and now mcquire is back too too - i had hoped he'd gone when channel 9 was. So I often end up muting it for them or the next fucking supermarket or hardware "store: advert and then forgetting it's on till it's over. I actually looked into voice recognition on GNU so i could make a device that muted on command! I'm still thinking about it; maybe use whistling or clapping instead. Still reading regularly but mostly in bed, and i've moved on to some more enjoyable, better-written, and less abysmal stories for the moment.

Tagged biographical.
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