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Wednesday, 18 March 2015, 08:14

from link to dlsym call

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time the last few days playing with make and doing some work on zcl. Been staying up way too late and then doing it all again the next day. Been a bit of fun poking at little problems though.

The java makefile system i've been working on has got a little fiddly due to some features i'm trying to implement; but so far all problems have been solvable in a fairly straightforward way and it's mostly now taking time because i'm writing some fairly long article(s) about the work. Most of the complication is with generated source and resource files and dealing with the command line to jar which is like but not quite the same as tar.

So I took a break to play with zcl again. Because the sdk version of libOpenCL may not match the system version i've added an option to compile with dynamic linking - i think the linker can also do this automagically but it's something i'd need to learn about first. But just changing it over turned out to be pretty easy an infact most of the work is hidden in a single auto-generated file together with a few small bits of checking to throw exceptions when functions are not available.

I wrote a horrible bit of perl that parses the very strict format of cl.h and creates a list of static function pointers and an init function to set them up, as well as C macros which automagically change the source to go via the function pointers rather than via dynamic linking.

So for example it creates the following bits for a given function:

static cl_int (*pclBuildProgram)(cl_program, cl_uint, const cl_device_id *, const char *, void (CL_CALLBACK *)(cl_program, void *), void *); 
static void init_clfunctions(void) {
        pclBuildProgram = cl_symbol("clBuildProgram");
#define clBuildProgram (*pclBuildProgram)

And I just include this at the head of the file and call init during the JNI OnLoad. Saved most of the work since none of the rest of the code needs to change unless I want to add pointer null checks. This opens the possibility of a "sdk-free" build of zcl since without the need to link it can get everything it needs from the header files which I can bundle.

I also looked into a mechanism for implementing CL extensions - I think i've worked out a decent solution (~interfaces on the platform) but haven't (fully) implemented any yet. I'm having second thoughts on whether the array interfaces for asynchronous calls for buffers are really adding enough to counter the work required to implement them and the bloat of the api size, but for now they will remain.

It's not really so "simple binding for java" anymore at ~10KLOC, but then again most of the parts are simple on their own.

After I remembered how to get going in OpenCL I did a little bit of testing on some of the new interfaces in opencl 2.0 - so far they seem to function; although for some reason my catalyst driver is only reporting the CPU device so it's not the best test - i think i need to reboot the machine because of memory fragmentation. Netbeans has turned into (more of) a pig of late and a few hundred tabs in firefox tends to swallow (all) memory. I guess I made a mistake on the memory size in this machine.

Tagged hacking, java, opencl.
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