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Monday, 17 March 2014, 09:10

sumatra, graal, etc.

I didn't really wanna get stuck building stuff all day but that seems to have happened.

Sumatra uses auto* so it built easily no problem. Bummer there's no javafx but hopefully that isn't far off.

graal is a bit of a pain because it uses a completely custom build/update/everything mega-tool written in a single 4KLOC piece of python. Ok when it works but a meaningless backtrace if it doesn't. Well it is early alpha software I guess. Still ... why?

Anyway ... I tried building against 'make install' from sumatra but that doesn't work, you need to point your JAVA_HOME at the Sumatra tree as the docs tell you to. My mistake there.

So it turns out getting the hsail tools to build had some point after-all. The hsailasm downloaded by the "build" tool (in lib/okra-1.8-with-sim.jar) wont work against the libelf 0.x included in slackware (might be easier just building libelf 1.x). So I added the path to the hsailasm I built myself ... and ...

 export PATH=/home/notzed/hsa/HSAIL-Instruction-Set-Simulator/build/HSAIL-Tools:$PATH
 ./mx.sh  --vm server unittest -XX:+TraceGPUInteraction \
   -XX:+GPUOffload -G:Log=CodeGen hsail.test.IntAddTest
[HSAIL] library is libokra_x86_64.so
[HSAIL] using _OKRA_SIM_LIB_PATH_=/tmp/okraresource.dir_7081062365578722856/libokra_x86_64.so
[GPU] registered initialization of Okra (total initialized: 1)
JUnit version 4.8
.[thread:1] scope: 
  [thread:1] scope: GraalCompiler
    [thread:1] scope: GraalCompiler.CodeGen
    Nothing to do here
    Nothing to do here
    Nothing to do here
    version 0:95: $full : $large;
// static method HotSpotMethod
kernel &run (
        align 8 kernarg_u64 %_arg0,
        align 8 kernarg_u64 %_arg1,
        align 8 kernarg_u64 %_arg2
        ) {
        ld_kernarg_u64  $d0, [%_arg0];
        ld_kernarg_u64  $d1, [%_arg1];
        ld_kernarg_u64  $d2, [%_arg2];
        workitemabsid_u32 $s0, 0;
        cmp_eq_b1_u64 $c0, $d0, 0; // null test 
        cbr $c0, @L1;
        ld_global_s32 $s1, [$d0 + 12];
        cmp_ge_b1_u32 $c0, $s0, $s1;
        cbr $c0, @L12;
        cmp_eq_b1_u64 $c0, $d2, 0; // null test 
        cbr $c0, @L4;
        ld_global_s32 $s1, [$d2 + 12];
        cmp_ge_b1_u32 $c0, $s0, $s1;
        cbr $c0, @L11;
        cmp_eq_b1_u64 $c0, $d1, 0; // null test 
        cbr $c0, @L7;
        ld_global_s32 $s1, [$d1 + 12];
        cmp_ge_b1_u32 $c0, $s0, $s1;
        cbr $c0, @L10;
        cvt_s64_s32 $d3, $s0;
        mul_s64 $d3, $d3, 4;
        add_u64 $d1, $d1, $d3;
        ld_global_s32 $s1, [$d1 + 16];
        cvt_s64_s32 $d1, $s0;
        mul_s64 $d1, $d1, 4;
        add_u64 $d2, $d2, $d1;
        ld_global_s32 $s2, [$d2 + 16];
        add_s32 $s2, $s2, $s1;
        cvt_s64_s32 $d1, $s0;
        mul_s64 $d1, $d1, 4;
        add_u64 $d0, $d0, $d1;
        st_global_s32 $s2, [$d0 + 16];
        mov_b32 $s0, -7691;
        mov_b32 $s0, -6411;
        brn @L13;
        mov_b32 $s0, -5403;
        brn @L13;
        mov_b32 $s0, -4875;
        brn @L13;
        mov_b32 $s0, -8219;
        brn @L13;
        mov_b32 $s0, -6939;
        brn @L13;

[HSAIL] heap=0x00007f47a8017a40
[HSAIL] base=0x95400000, capacity=108527616
External method:com.oracle.graal.compiler.hsail.test.IntAddTest.run([I[I[II)V
installCode0: ExternalCompilationResult
[HSAIL] sig:([I[I[II)V  args length=3, _parameter_count=4
[HSAIL] static method
[HSAIL] HSAILKernelArguments::do_array, _index=0, 0xdd563828, is a [I
[HSAIL] HSAILKernelArguments::do_array, _index=1, 0xdd581718, is a [I
[HSAIL] HSAILKernelArguments::do_array, _index=2, 0xdd581778, is a [I
[HSAIL] HSAILKernelArguments::not pushing trailing int

Time: 0.213

OK (1 test)

Yay? I think?

Maybe not ... it seems that it's only using the simulator. I tried using LD_LIBRARY_PATH and -Djava.library.path to redirect to the libokra from the Okra-Interface-to-HSA-Device library but that just hangs after the "base=0x95..." line after dumping the hsail. strace isn't showing anything obvious so i'm not sure what's going on. Might've hit some ubuntu compatibility issue at last or just a mismatch in versions of libokra.

On the other hand ... it was noticeable that something was happening with the gpu as the mouse started to judder, yet a simple ctrl-c killed it cleanly. Just that alone once it makes it into OpenCL will be worth it's weight in cocky shit rather than just hard locking X as is does with catalyst.

Having just typed that ... one test too many and it decides to crash into an unkillable process and do weird stuff (and not long after I had to reboot the system). But at least that is to be expected for alpha software and i've been pretty surprised by the overall system stability all things considered.

I think next time I'll just have a closer look at aparapi because at least I have that working with the APU and i'm a bit sick of compiling other peoples code and their strange build systems. Sumatra and graal are very large and complex projects and a bit more involved than I'm really interested in right now. I haven't used aparapi before anyway so I should have a look.

If the slackware vs ubuntu thing becomes too much of a hassle I might just go and buy another hdd and dual-boot; I already have to multi-boot to switch between opencl+accelerated javafx vs apu.

Update: Actually there may be something more to it. I just tried creating my own aparapi thing and it crashed in the same way so maybe i was missing some env variable or it was due to a suspend/resume cycle.

So I just had another go at getting the graal test running on hsail and I think it worked:

 export JAVA_HOME=/home/notzed/hsa/sumatra-dev/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image
 export PATH=${JAVA_HOME}/bin:${PATH}
 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/notzed/hsa/Okra-Interface-to-HSA-Device/okra/dist/bin
 ./mx.sh  --vm server unittest  -XX:+TraceGPUInteraction -XX:+GPUOffload -G:Log=CodeGen hsail.test.IntAddTest

[HSAIL] library is libokra_x86_64.so
[GPU] registered initialization of Okra (total initialized: 1)
JUnit version 4.8


Time: 0.198

OK (1 test)

Still, i'm not sure what to do with it yet ...

I was going to have a play today but I just got the word on work starting again (I can probably push it out to Monday) so I might just go to the pub or just for a ride - way too nice to be inside getting monitor burn. I foolishly decided to walk into the city yesterday for lunch with a mate I haven't seen for years (and did a few pubs on the way home - i was in no rush!) but just ended up with a nice big blister and sore feet for my troubles. It's about a 45 minute walk into the city but I don't do much walking.

I want see if anything interesting comes out of the Sony's GDC talk first though (the vr one? - yes the VR one, it's just started).

And ... done. Interesting, but still early days. Even if they release a model for the public at a mass-market price it's still going to have to be a long term project. Likely the first 5-10 years will just be experimentation and getting the technology the point where it is good and cheap enough.

Update: Yep, i'm pretty sure it's just a problem with suspend/resume. I just tried running it after a resume and it panicked the kernel.

Tagged hacking, hsa, java, opencl.
thoughts on opencl + array methods | Building the hsail tools.
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