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Monday, 17 February 2014, 10:47

Well that kinda sucked ...

Yeah so ..., nice birthday present. An hour in a dentists chair while he tries to cause pain repeatedly - to isolate what the problem was. Apparently my pain threshold is lower than it should be because I don't go to the dentist regularly (somehow I don't follow that logic; and/or just as well I never fucking went to the dentist if getting used to sharp pain is one side-effect; fucking a hurt a lot more than a broken arm that's for sure). And after all that the original dentist had the correct diagnosis - the specialist just kept saying how unusual it all was. Just what one wants to hear ... Just as well humans can't actually remember pain.

Apparently the sleep apneoa device can't be a cause of problems, and otherwise I have rather robust cavity-free teeth (which i'm pretty pleased with given how long it's been since i've been to a dentist).

Anyway, now queued up for an hour long operation later in the week to do some pretty nasty drilling which basically kills the inside of the tooth. What can you do eh ...

Then I did a bit of a pub crawl on the way home. Probably should do that more often if only to perve on the hot pretty things walking past.

I no longer have a mobile so I had no way to ping my friends (yes i do have some) to catch up for a birthday drink; so it just turned into a pretty depressing and isolated few hours in the end. I wasn't sure how I was going to end up after the appointment so I didn't organise anything in advance and I haven't been out for ages either.

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