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Sunday, 15 September 2013, 01:14

So that DuskZ thing ...

After doing nothing with it for months I finally checked in all the DuskZ code I had sitting on my HDD.

Unfortunately its very much work in progress and I didn't do any cleaning up (other than check the licensing), so it's all just "as it was" right now. I think the last thing I added was animated tiles, and before that multiple-map support.

At least some of the code there is a decent quality, although not much use on it's own.

Is it dead or just pining?

I'm not sure when I will get time to work on it again - i'm either too busy or hungover lately and it's hard enough to get the time just to fit in social interaction or the garden with all other hacking i'm doing lately. Actually it's not so much the physical time as being able to fit it in mentally as one needs to devote quite a bit of mind-share to do a good job. Like most I'm usually more active during summer so maybe i'll have time to fit it in ...

Just going through the code checking the licenses did pique my interest a little bit but also made me realise I would need a good few days of switched-on thinking to be able to do the next bit of work, that is after I even work out where I was at.

An embedded database backend would definitely be high on the list for example.

Tagged dusk.
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