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Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 10:07

Internode Streaming Radio App

So last night I threw together a simple application for accessing my ISP's streaming radio proxies from android. Now I have a box plugged into my stereo, suddenly I find a use for such a programme.

It can be found over on a page on my Internode account. I don't have time to up the source, but if i work on other additions (which personally I don't need), i will probably create a project somewhere for it.

You'd really think playing a remote playlist was a pretty basic function - but it took less time to write this (I just made some very small changes to the RandomMusicPlayer from the samples) than to try to find one in the 'play' store that bloody worked. It's not that they were just clumsy, ugly, really slow (for no apparent reason) - I didn't get a single beep out of them either.

I actually first mucked about with JJPlayer from jjmpeg and did get it working playing music from a selected .m3u file in a browser, but I decided that was a bit too hacky and clumsy. And besides if MediaPlayer worked with the internode streams, I would just use that. They did so that's what I went with. The RandomMusicPlayer sample I started with pretty much does all the hard work - it runs as a service, works in the background (even with the Mele 'off'!!!), and so on.

I put a link to it on my internode home page - which has been sitting idle for a few years.

Note: These streams are only available to Internode customers, a local ISP. There's no point looking at this if you're not one.

Also, I am not affiliated with Internode in any way.

But I am off to listen to some retro electronica ...

Update: I updated the app to be a bit more properer, and wrote another post about it.

Update: Moved the home page.

Tagged android, jjmpeg.
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