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Monday, 11 June 2012, 04:09

Random stuff

So I spent the last couple of days playing with a few random things.

Beat detection
Interest in this goes way back, probably to when a few lads and I did some graphics at a rave in the early 90s ... anyway I thought i'd have another look. I started here with this rather badly formatted word 'processed' document, but ended up trying to implement a wavelet algorithm based on this paper.

I played with it a bit but didn't really get good results (as far as i could tell, and my testing code wasn't great). Next time I revisit it i will probably look at the simpler spectrum-based algorithms from the first article but with a variation on the cycle detection.

Oh that DLNA crap again. Mostly because there doesn't seem a simple video player that lets one access a DLNA server from Linux in a simple way. I started with cling, and after waiting for about 20 minutes for maven to compile it decided that there really is a build tool worse than ant (surprising as that is), and then proceeded to split the project up into a pattern that netbeans can work with. I eventually got it to run and started work on a jjmpeg media renderer, got the android browser working and so on. But really wtf - it's a huge fucking pile of code just to retrieve a URL to a file on a HTTP server ...

Then this morning I read this post from the developer of libdlna (which seems to be abandoned now), and decided it was just a world of pain I wanted nothing to do with.

IF I ever bother with this again I will probably just write my own protocol but today I can't be stuffed.

jjmpeg build
And finally today I poked at the jjmpeg build. Looking at using the current android branch as the main code-base. The native stuff isn't that difficult (just making a decision and sticking with it is the main problem), but ant and netbeans either makes it impractical or impossible to support cross-platform development in the same project.

So I will probably need to create 3 side-by-side projects, although for various reasons this isn't terribly ideal either.

  • jjmpeg-core would contain the main binding classes, native generators and so on. Probably a copy of the ffmpeg sources.
  • jjmpeg-java would contain the java-specific i/o and display classes. I guess this would also build the native code.
  • jjmpeg-android would contain the android-specific i/o and display classes and android native build, and probably be configured as an android library project so it can be re-used.

I didn't actually get that far, I was working on re-arranging the native build and platform-specific stuff in order to fit it in with the android build and clean it up. But I didn't really come up with great solutions, and in the end I think I solved nothing so might have to try again from scratch another time.

Just not switched on today, so might go find somewhere warm to read ...

Tagged android, hacking, jjmpeg.
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