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Thursday, 12 April 2012, 07:41

Worn out dealing with crap

Boy dealing with JavaScript on browsers is quite soul destroying.

If you could just stick with one environment it would probably be bearable to some extent, but even then you just have to add all this crap and worry about tedious details that just aren't required for local applications.

The other guy on the project has so far seemed pretty lost in the whole thing too, as all he has ever programmed in is some micky-soft visual something. Like, ever. And he's been coding just as long as I have.

So i've been dragged in trying to help, or at least occupied trying to keep him focussed. It doesn't help that he's off making sure it runs on IE and fucking around with junk toy web servers and visual studio even though it's far removed from what we actually need. Somehow he's managed to pull in 5+ javascript libraries and is doing stuff that could be done with a few dozen lines of plain code. Seems obsessed with using jQuery even though he is using it in strange ways and doesn't even need it to start with.

I'm kind of not sure exactly that problem that jQuery is trying to solve to start with: trying to make javascript easier for non-programmers familiar with CSS and XSLT perhaps? i.e. certainly not me. It just seems to add more work for a little gain in typed characters. It talks about separating logic from presentation but in reality it's all about manipulating the DOM: i.e. something I would imagine you would generally want to stay away from, as it's a really shit data structure to navigate, and it's all about the presentation layer.

I guess I have to keep reminding myself, most javascript is authored by people who are not programmers by trade.

This is one reason I haven't been hacking much lately.

Oh fun, so now blogger wants to pop up windows to allow a preview does it? I don't think so tim. How strange, it worked ok a couple of days ago.

Tagged hacking, rants.
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