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Wednesday, 04 April 2012, 16:11

The new blogger

So just this minute I was fortunate enough to have the obviously-ever-increasingly-evil google force me to use the new blogger interface as they've been threatening to do for a few months.

One side effect is that if you visit the blogger dashboard with javascript disabled you get a completely blank screen. Nice one fellas.

Other than that, it's mostly a pointless bit of re-learning that I could have done without. The old blogger GUI was pretty fugly but the new one is hardly the madonna's tit either. The way the 'Save' button changes whilst it auto-saves is surprisingly distracting and very annoying.

Oh and I forgot about that really tedious two-step extra-tab preview. Because I unfortunately had 'convert newlines to <br>' set when I created the blog (or maybe that was the only option back then update now it seems to strip <br> tags and convert to newline, so maybe i can change it now without screwing up all the old posts) I have to check newlines around every image or list or pre-formatted block all the time. Having a tab switch and a re-load makes the preview feature harder to use (i really couldn't give a flying fuck about the actual style-sheet used, I force fonts and sizes so I know nobody else sees what I see anyway).

Only plus is that the 'edit' button is back when i read the blog - that vanished a few months ago for no apparent reason.

Might be time to revisit 'wanki-ee' - maybe all that JavaEE stuff came at a fortuitous juncture after-all. Well, maybe if i had "another day every day" at any rate, as it is there is just not enough time to fix everything wrong in this world.

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