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Friday, 10 February 2012, 01:44

Sleep n Whinge

ugh, what a crappy day. I hit the grog a bit hard last night (sister dropped by for a couple of hours on her way to the airport), and subsequently had very little sleep; and the neighbours decided today was a good day to re-start the work on the extensions next door. Had a nap about 5, at least until some dodgey scam out of India rang up about 7:30. Blah.

But I played a bit with some code during the day. I poked around with my slideshow creator, working on some more transition wipes - worked out a 'clock' transition which seemed to take much longer than it should have (for lack of inspiration I'm looking at the SMIL stuff for ideas). I was going to write a very simple front-end gui for it, but just didn't have the motivation for that today.

Then I got totally side-tracked with some other stuff: I noticed javafx builds are finally available for gnu/linux, looking at the swingx demo (there's a couple of things that look interesting), the image filters it uses. Mr Huxtable also has an interesting article about BufferedImage stuff (which i'm sure i've read before but must have forgotten about): and that got me thinking about changing the way jjmpeg's helpers work with images as it uses 3BYTE_BGR types and direct DataBuffer access.. And that got me thinking about JNIEnv.GetPrimitiveArrayCritical (to avoid 2 copies), and well by this time I was too hung-over and tired to do anything useful.

I also noticed the neighbours were building a really big verandah which will block most of the direct light into my bathroom, and they over-cut a bit of a tree that hangs over the boundary. And I got a letter from my insurance company whining about an over-charge they shouldn't have been making in the first place. All all that together with the severe lack of sleep, put me in a terrible mood and made me feel really rather miserable. And now it's 3am and they'll be at it at 7am again next to my bedroom window so tomorrow probably wont be much better ...

Update: Oh fun, 7:25am, shit radio station was bad enough, now it's with the jack-hammer.

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