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Thursday, 27 October 2011, 10:20

socles demos

I finally got off my fat arse - or is that sat on it further enlargening[sic] it - and tied up some of the test driver code I have for socles into a set of demos.

I also implemented the colour mode for the DCT denoising algorithm. Over-all it's a little slow still - i.e. not fast enough for real-time video. One of these days i'll get around to the complex wavelet version, that should be a lot faster and can also sharpen. I haven't been able to suss out DCT sharpening and so far my attempts add too many artefacts to be useful (i.e. pixel-level chess pattern).

The demos so far are:

An interactive window that shows an experimental algorithm I came up with some time ago for de-noising. It uses sobel filter to detect edges, then uses that to progressively blend between a blurred and non-burred image. Works ok sometimes.
Simple non-separable convolution that blurs an image.
Separable convolution to do the same thing (and demonstrates the code is broken atm - demo was broken, fixed)
DCT8x8Mono, DCT8x8Colour
Interactive DCT based denoise demo for mono/colour images.
Another old interactive demo I wrote which uses Video4Linux to access a webcam and apply a bunch of effects including KLT motion detection and viola-jones face detect. It also shows the first half of a low-overhead video display path: the GPU does the colour conversion from raw frames. Well as low as possible with v4l4j anyway.

They're in the soclesdemo sub-module in socles' cvs.

Hmm, another week nearly down. I've been reading lots of papers and trying to suss out some fiddly crap for work, so this stuff has been a nice distraction. That's finally going somewhere so might keep me busy for a bit.

Tagged hacking, opencl, socles.
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