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Thursday, 28 July 2011, 09:11

jjmpeg - microsoft windows 64

Well i've been a bit quiet of late. I wrote a few blog entries but never got around to publishing them - the mood had changed by the time I finished or I couldn't get my words arranged in a readable manner ...

I also had a flu for a week, visitors and other distractions, and writers block for the last few weeks - I hitting some problems with work which paralleled some of the problems I was hitting with my hobby code and everything ground to a bit of a halt. Well such is the way of things. The flu is mostly gone now and I resolved the deadlock with my work code, so perhaps I will get back to hacking again soon.

So today I had a couple of spare hours and the motivation to making jjmpeg work on windows - maybe if I have that working i can drop xuggle [for my work stuff] which is getting a bit out of date now. Actually the main problem is that it's too much hassle to build, and only available in a 32 bit version - and with the opencl code and other issues, the 32 bit jvm limits are starting to cramp the application a bit.

The biggest problem was working out how to compile it, and after a lot of buggerising around I found it was easiest to just install the mingw 64-bit compiler as a cross compiler and I get to keep the nice coding tools I always use and keep myself in linux. Trying to do any work at all - and particularly development - in windows is like trying to ride a bike with one leg cut-off and a broken arm. Unpleasant, and painful.

Apart from that it was mostly just re-arranging the code to call some simple macros which change depending on the platform - i.e. dlopen/dlsym or LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress. And then a bit of a rethink on how the binaries are built to support multiple targets via a cross compiler.

I have done very little testing, but when setup properly it found the library and decoded an mp3 file, which is good enough for me.

(and obviously, there will never be windows support for the linux-dvb code, only for the libavformat/libavcodec binding).

Tagged hacking, java, jjmpeg.
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