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Thursday, 09 June 2011, 16:33


Feeling a bit cold and crappy and had a day of franticly little progress at work so I sat down with jjmpeg for a little while tonight to pick some low hanging fruit to make it feel like I'm getting somewhere.To that end I added audio decoding support. It only requires a couple of functions and field accessors beyond what you need for video, but they needed some extra native functions to make them work. Mainly with decode_audio3 as it takes an AVPacket but may not fully consume it and doesn't update it to indicate this, so you really need to make a copy of it and update the copy's pointers based on the decoding results. At least I did it in a way which requires no allocation activity on the Java side during the decoding loop, I just use the wrapping ByteBuffer's to perform a memcpy and have a single native function to update the data pointer and size on the copy.

I don't have any immediate need for it, but it was easy enough to add and now the day doesn't feel like a total waste.

I'm slowly working toward a loose idea of 'something' that uses this stuff, although I haven't really pinned down what that 'something' might be exactly. Which leaves the options pretty wide open for now.

Tagged java, jjmpeg.
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