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Friday, 26 November 2010, 05:43

Wow I'm an idiot.

In a moment of weakness I forked out for Gran Turismo 5.


Although i'd heard about it, it was a shock to see that it forces you to update the firmware - which I am unable to do since I don't accept the terms (I presume - I can barely even read them from where I sit). What a load of bullshit.

I should've just borrowed it off mates when they got bored with it; I haven't bought a game for months and I guess I will keep borrowing as many games as possible (i'm borrowing god of war and final fantasy atm) with a few specific things once in a while. I'd already decided never to buy any download games again simply because they cannot be shared, sold, or given away. And certainly not rent any movies at the exorbitantly outrageous price they're asking (This one I am completely baffled by - at $2-3/night they'd rent loads of movies without trouble, at $6-7 they rent a tiny handful. It makes absolutely zero economic sense).

It's not like I'm ever going to bother getting GNU/Linux running on the thing again - why would I waste my time on dead-end locked down hardware that nobody else will ever use - so I will probably update the firmware anyway. But it's the principle here, I paid a fucking load of money for this shiny box, I am not renting it - how come it feels as though I don't own it?

Tagged games, rants.
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