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Tuesday, 29 June 2010, 04:22

Sourdough 0.3 - Crusty Loaf Edition

Well, another week another attempt at sourdough, and much more success this time.

I probably didn't let it proof quite long enough because it was so cold - I gave it a good 4 hours, but after forming a loaf it managed to rise ok - although it took about 18 hours. I went straight from creating the dough to forming the loaf without an intermediate rise and that definitely worked better.

Given the cake yesterday took an extra 30 minutes to bake at what should have been the correct temperature, I ramped the oven setting up to over 200 to try to compensate. It was probably a bit hot and I cooked it a bit too long, but after 20 minutes I ended up with a pretty decent loaf of bread.

It is a little burnt at the back, but not so much it isn't edible. I put a large frying pan with hot water in the base of the oven to provide a bit of steam and the crust turned out a little shiny, and crunchy without being hard. Fairly even texture inside, no big bubbles, and although there is not a very strong sour flavour it tastes nice and bready.

Next time I might have to try proofing and raising the bread in a warming box so it doesn't take quite so long, and lowering the oven temperature a little bit (and watching it more closely).

Tagged cooking.
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