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Friday, 25 June 2010, 07:31

Beanz Meanz ...

I was going to make some refried beans. So I soaked some red beans overnight, and then put them in a pot to simmer. And simmer ... and simmer.

After about 8 hours I ended up with this brown stuff. I found out later that I should've also added some salt and onions and garlic to add some more flavour, but I missed out this time.

I realised I didn't have enough onions to do the refried beans, so instead I made a variation on a Mexican breakfast dish "huevos tirados" as suggested by an old Mexican workmate Frederico.

Onion, bacon, eggs, chillies of course, together with the cooked beans, salt and pepper, all fried up with some oil. Topped with some fresh mint and basil collected from the garden. Even with the relatively bland unadulterated beans as a base it turned out quite tasty.

Frederico also suggested a pressure cooker and I might try that next time if I get hold of one. They're not terribly common here so tend to be a bit expensive, but mum said she might have an unused one in the shed.

I ended up cooking way too much of the beans and subsequently had beans for a few meals in a row, which was probably a bit of a mistake in hindsight. Emphasis on the hind bit.

Tagged cooking.
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