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Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 02:57

Accepted for GSOC 2010, XBMC acceleration

Well the students and projects have been announced for the GSOC 2010, and the beagleboard project ended up with 6 slots, which is quite good considering it is their first year (and I was expecting only 4).

And one of the projects I put my name down as a mentor made the cut - the XBMC acceleration project which seems to have been a favourite amongst all potential mentors. Since we knew what projects were in the top running I have already had some contact with Tobias in preparation, and he seems both keen and also good at communicating with the XBMC project which will of course be vital. Well I'm not sure what I will have to do to help as it is not a project I've worked on but I guess I'll learn as I go too.

I have also been trying to build XBMC on a beagleboard (silly I know - I need to set up a cross-dev environment for it) - wow, what a beast of an app. I spent about 3 days just setting up a new angstrom and the build dependencies (I just did a bit when I walked past and noticed it'd finished the last bit/failed again). Very slow - also doing it over NFS so that probably isn't helping. And I don't really need to, as I'm using my old PS3 hard drive as the system drive - it's much faster/more reliable than flash cards are.

Just as well I don't have 'a life' - i've got plenty of time to play with this stuff without any distractions.

PS Sorry to those who didn't make the cut this year - there were a lot of applications and plenty of competition.

Tagged beagle, gsoc.
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