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Friday, 05 March 2010, 12:43

Strange week.

Phew, another week down. That was a pretty long one. New job, all sort of things to learn about.

I went with CentOS for my workstation ... hmm, but i'm not really all that pleased so far. It's mostly working but there's a few weird bits. xterm's keep dying occasionally while i'm using them - they lock up hard and I can't even close the window. I have 'focus follows mouse' on, but it isn't always working properly - if the machine is busy when I move the mouse it seems to do weird shit. I also had a locked pointer grab - gee, I haven't had those outside of using gdb for years and years. And today I was switching virtual desktops and it just went mental - keep cycling the windows as fast it could once I let go of the keyboard (it still accepted keystrokes as the windows whizzed by) - had to kill X. The whole machine feels pretty slow too - it is an older machine being re-used, but it feels slower than it should. Might be the encrypted home mount too ... and ext3 must share some blame too. And finally the lack of packages - I expected it to be more limited than other more bleeding edge systems i've used lately, but the lack of packages is really stark; some what I thought really basic 3rd party packages are simply missing. I guess i'll have to re-install it with something a bit more production ready; CentOS 5.4 just isn't, at least for my needs. Sigh, not really what I wanted to have to do - stability is pretty much the whole reason I was looking at CentOS anyway.

As part of work i've been reading about convolutions and fft's and other fun stuff. Not all new to me, but I've never had to use it in anger before so it's pretty interesting delving into it. Unfortunately my maths was never really up to scratch in this area ... on the other hand I just have to use it, not derive it. Octave works pretty well for playing with ideas, and gnuplot does some nice plots too. Maybe if I come up with some interesting stuff as i'm learning I'll post some shots, but i'm a bit too worn out this week.

Last Saturday and today I spent a couple of hours shifting road-base and filling up the trench and tamping it down. Pretty hard work but not that bad in short spurts, and the trench is just about where I need it - 12 barrow loads so far. I was going to get some sand for the final layer, but I might try with the roadbase since I have it, and would have to move it all before I can order any sand. It's a lot harder making it level though, so I may regret that idea. I'll see - should really do some more on it this weekend, but there's other things I should probably do too. It might rain anyway (hmm, rain, i've forgotten what that feels like).

Tagged biographical.
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