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Monday, 18 January 2010, 12:16


I knew the day was going to go wrong when I forgot to put coffee in the espresso maker before putting it on the stove.

  1. Aforementioned extra-light coffee. Well I guess it needed a bit of a clean anyway.
  2. The government is running a silly middle-class welfare effort to upgrade or add insulation to homes. Someone rang about it yesterday and was supposed to rock up at 8 (this early rise is almost certainly the cause of the coffee incident). They did call just after 8 to say they'd be late - 10. It's now nigh on 12.
  3. I called the A/C people about my dead A/C. Ok no problem, we'll have a look.
  4. Did 'one last check' before I embarrassed myself, not expecting anything. Lo and behold - it worked.
  5. Called to let them know, but still wanted to talk with a tech. He was busy so they'd call back.
  6. Left it running. Went to make my coffee (coffee in espresso maker this time), I use a microwave to heat the milk. Ahh dead microwave. Threw me - rest of house is working. Ahh blown fuse.
  7. So ... back on the blower. Ok they'll try to get someone out today.
  8. Couldn't work out which fuse it was, so ended up rebooting the whole house one circuit at a time as I checked. No replacement fuses, and the thing doesn't use a wire either. 5km to the nearest hardware store. Might be time for a ride.

Between me and a hot coffee or a cold house. Who the hell still uses these old things anyway?

Tagged house.
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