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Thursday, 31 December 2009, 04:05

It beat me, another year on, and what happens next?

I gave dragon age one more go. Started from scratch and spent my upgrade points wisely rather than wasting them on turning a rogue into a fighter (it's been a while since I played a WRPG). Things were going swimmingly for the first 5 hours or so, even managed to do things I couldn't before like get the two horny elves together, but then I hit a too hard part again and I got sick of retrying or wandering back and forth looking for something I could manage. I switched to easy mode.

Well, it's a little too easy but it's ok, at least I can see the story out now (which is playing out differently - this time i'm a human rather than a whiny sickly looking elf) and make some progress.

Ahh yes, another year on. It's not ending very well, I'm barely sleeping and feeling generally pretty miserable. Blah. Reading too much stuff on the intarwebs doesn't seem very healthy, it's all just so depressing. The world is going to shit really and observing that isn't as fun and interesting as I thought it would be, at least for me. Hmm.

I still have work to do in the yard, which I haven't touched for two weeks, but at least I now have a wheelbarrow, so it should go a bit faster once I get back into it. It's been a bit too hot the last couple of days to even consider it - if I had the energy to go that far anyway.

I'm still thinking about projects to work on. It's a tricky prospect however, as all of the interesting stuff is just too complicated to get involved in anymore. Or it's already done. Or it seems like a dead-end waste of time - although perhaps that is what I need, just a hobby again. I'm thinking of just doing some isolated hacking on the beagleboard - at least I have almost complete documentation for it - all 3 516 pages of it, not including the CPU. First I think I'll try and get u-boot booting something which can display to a frame-buffer. That should be doable at least. Still, not holding my breath on that one.

Tagged biographical, games, ps3.
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