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Tuesday, 01 September 2009, 23:45

Partial success

I've been meaning to for a while - with all this time lately I certainly have the opportunity for once - to make a lasagne.

Using a pasta machine to make the sheets of course. I used a hand mincer to make the mince too. Those things are surprisingly hard to find these days. Perhaps also surprising is that even using the cheapest meat I can find it makes probably the nicest mince I've cooked. Bit of a pain cleaning it though.

So the result. Tasted very nice, but a little on the dry side. Since I used fresh pasta I figured it didn't need cooking separately. I was half right. It did cook ok in the oven, but since I'd reduced the sauce a bit on purpose -- I wasn't sure how dry it should be -- it ended up a bit dry. I was also a little short on sauce so the penultimate layer was just bacon instead, which helped dry it out, and I think I had too much pasta to sauce. Next time I wont cook the sauce so long, and have more of it (or make a thinner dish).

Tagged cooking.
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