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Friday, 17 September 2021, 07:25

Life update

I'm still suffering pretty severe burnout from my last job - nearly 9 months after quitting although I barely had any work leading up to it either (due to covid/shceduling issues with the job) so it feels somewhat longer. A few weeks ago a mate got me to do a little bit of consulting work - fucking python of all things - and while I didn't hate it and the pay was ok i'm not sure I can be bothered even putting an invoice in because that just means more paperwork and tax crap to deal with. I live a rather modest life and can cruise on savings/investments basically indefinitely at this point assuming no big life changes.

Life is otherwise mostly ok. Still rather lonely and isolated on the whole, I suppose it's just in my nature. The only "friends" I see regularly are bar staff and other hospitality people i've gotten to known over the years by simply spending so much time at pubs. It has it's moments I suppose but every now and then the pathetic-hollowness of it all eats away at me and I bottom out for a week or two before I get over myself and get back to it.

My leg still hurts from the broken hip, mostly it seems to be tendons in the knee which wilted during the recovery and are difficult to strenghen up. I've been walking quite a bit the whole time but it just wasn't enough it seems. As the weather is slowly improving I've been working harder around the house and going for half-decent rides on the bike (2-3 hours) and that seems to finally be making a dent.

Could do to lose a couple of kilos, mostly just to drop an inch or two of belly fat so I can wear my utility kilts again! I've been working on it anyway and generally getting pretty fit.

The COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in Australia has been a total shit-show. Every time I've tried to use the shitty web-site to book an appointment it's been at least 2 months away - if there were even any slots available. Plus you can't do it without a mobile phone number which is something i'm loathe to give out. My GP ran out of shots when I tried calling them last month. Another GP wanted a health record from my other GP first (not meant to be required for a vaccine) - i.e. two bloody appointments. Just got sick of fucking around and noticed a chemist I go to was doing shots so just walked in yesterday and got an AstraZeneca shot. See why couldn't it have been that simple from the start? It's not the 'preferred' one for someone my age but it's much less anxiety on that than all the time i've wasted looking up shots over the last few months. So far no real side-effects apart from a sore arm.

I suppose the main problem is I just feel like i'm waiting to die and have been for decades. Nothing has really changed for me lifestyle wise since about uni - except now I don't have to work and I can afford to drink out. I don't like sleeping in so get up no problem but most things seem to be just going through the motions filling time. Be it reading or playing games, house or garden work, even just extending walks because I have time to blow. It's not all bad I suppose but it wears you down eventually. I'm spending much less time alone in an attempt to address that part, but it has mixed results I suppose. One side-effect of this is hobbies don't hold much appeal since they generally require alone time. I had been reading reddit/news obsessively for months and decided to finally bin that a week ago. This just means even more time to fill ... i've been going to bed early a lot! I can't say it's particularly liberating or anything but it's one less pointless thing I was doing I guess.

Oh well, life goes on.

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Summer Cruising aka Long Service Leave
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