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Sunday, 14 July 2019, 12:41

Improved post navigation links

I've made a minor improvement to blogz so that when viewing a single post the navigation links at the bottom of the post show the title of the next/previous post rather than just saying 'Older' or 'Newer'. This was something I had intended to add when I got the database backend working but that is still in limbo. Actually most of the code for the blog output is done, I just can't decide on relatively unimportant details like the serialisation format for the metadata records. The other issue is adds a whole mass of potential complexity to creating posts rather than just editing a file on a shell login. Like an order of magnitue of complexity. It doesn't require this complexity but it enables it.

I made some other minor changes to the stylesheet mostly to do with inline figures (photos and captions), justified the text of posts, and messed about with the About box.

Tagged blogz, zedzone.
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