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Wednesday, 03 July 2019, 15:39

Kinect2 device for FFmpeg, Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0

So further on the previous post about Kinect for Microsoft Windows v2 support in ffmpeg ...

  1. My patch to ffmpeg-devel was completely ignored. Not even the courtesy to say it wasn't welcome due to it being obsolete hardware or any other comment whatsoever.
  2. My patches to libfreenect2 also seem to have been simply ignored.
  3. I couldn't get libfreenect2 to work on microsoft windows 10. It compiles and in some cases detects the camera but bulk transfers always timeout. I tried everything!
    • Using the libusb.dll in the binary download. This detects but transfers timeout.
    • Using visual studio to compile the libusb.dll. Doesn't work at all.
    • Using visual studio to compile libfreenect2 and a very basic capture program but uses the libusb.dll from libfreenect2 distribution. This only works if i put a couple of Sleep() calls in the right place. Otherwise it also fails.
    • Adding Sleep() calls in the ffmpeg module just times out.
  4. So I wrote a C dll to wrap the microsoft sdk so it could be called from gcc compiled code as c++ has no ABI so there it can't call it directly.
  5. Then I wrote another simple ffmpeg device 'kinect2' which uses this C dll to capture on a microsoft platform.
  6. Due to delays in processing this locked up the capture when trying to record all streams so I needed to use a capture thread and dump copies of the frames to a limited-size write queue.

This works and is stable but is microsoft platform only. The colour signal comes through as YUYV so it needs to be recompressed for saving vs the libfreenect2 indev which supported raw jpeg capture, so it takes considerably more cpu resources using a software codec. Also the C dll can only be compiled with visual studio as the Kinect headers (apart from being an auto-generated unreadable mess) are are not standard C or c++ compatible. But ffmpeg is still cross-compiled from a proper development system.

The c++ kinect sdk isn't too bad - apart from all the COM overheads and unredable headers. The documentation is abysmal. This is the first time iv'e ever used visual studio for C or c++, and hopefully the last, it's pretty pants.

Given my shitty experience with ffmpeg-devel I probably wont bother even submitting a patch for it there. If I decide to publish it at all I might send a link to ffmpeg-devel just to get some exposure.

I've found that it's almost impossible to find this site with any search engine even if you look for something specific so it's pretty pointless publishing it here anyway. Yesterday I was forced to login to bing and google's search consoles to find out what the hell was going on. bing has only indexed about a dozen pages and google has indexed the site but barely ever shows anything, and some of what it shows (10+ pages in) is dead links from previous iterations of the blog software. A few months ago I added jjpeg and zcl (at least) to the GNU Free Software Directory ... and even there the jjmpeg entry has been sitting at 'not approved' ever since and doesn't show the anything unless you dig further.

I've seen people asking on the microsoft developer forums for a piece of software which does exactly this - mostly from academic users - but if they can't find it what's the bloody point?

Tagged hacking, jjmpeg.
incremental javac, make | Kinect2 device for FFmpeg, libfreenect2
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