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Sunday, 10 May 2015, 14:51

faster faster loops

Given i haven't touched opencl for a while I thought i'd stop faffing about with threads and streams and see what this APU can do.

But I found a silly bug in zcl which rendered it broken so just mucked around playing with that and got nowhere with my original aim ...

I call a bunch of JNIEnv *A() functions, these take an array of jvalue's which should presumably be more efficient than walking a varargs list (if insignificantly so). But in an effort to clean up the way I was using it I broke it and hadn't gotten around to actually running anything until now. I will drop another zcl at some point but considering nobody's downloaded it i'm in no rush.

I also worked out some issue with the GPU driver, and possibly slackware. The mandelbrot demo works fine with javafx but other non-gui code just wasn't finding the GPU device. I couldn't work out what was going on but a strange error indicated it was probably some xfce session setup thing. I found an acceptable workaround in just setting export COMPUTE=localhost:0.0.

And then i spent the rest of the evening trying to work out why SVM wouldn't work on the GPU. It "works fine" on the CPU driver but although other operations are fine any kernel invocation leads to an insta-crash. After re-checking every code path i came to the conclusion that it's not the way i'm calling it, it just doesn't want to work.

And just now I tried a stripped down C implementation and it just crashes when I invoke a (do-nothing) kernel with an SVM argument :-/ Blast. I checked the BufferBandwidth sample and once I figured out netbeans was sucking too much for it to run and closed it; it worked fine. After a pretty long look i can't see why it isn't working so i must've done something really silly and small.

One part of svm - the common address pointers - aren't as useful from Java as from C anyway but the ability to share buffers without explicit map/unmap calls in the fine grained case should be, particularly on this APU.


Netbeans is really starting to struggle for some reason. I was doing a big cleanup of a prototype which the boss gave to the customer (sigh) and moving lots of code around and suddenly it decided I had no main class and wouldn't even compile. After cleaning caches and other junk it was 'just' a non-obvious parser error. But I still had to resort to emacs+makefile to go through the compile errors one by one until I could get it to run. And the line that got it working in netbeans again was just a reference to a deleted import - i'd moved it to a common library.

But then it just started scanning dozens of files (dozens of times each) every time i switch windows; pausing for 250-1000ms each time. Cleaning the cache made no difference and it's already on an SSD. And it's running out of memory constantly - which messes up the incremental compilation something fierce. The last thing I did was I tried the same thing I did at home and disabled a dozen or so plugins i'll never use; but it didn't make much long-term difference at home so i'm not confident it will at work either.

But opening the zcl projects back up at home has pretty much busted it here - it's constantly running out of memory and taking a second or so to save any file and often not compiling it. I mean, it's actually become unfit for purpose.

Maybe lambda parsing is throwing it for a loop; but why? Any parameter/type matching should be somewhat limited in scope unlike C++.

Tagged hacking, java, opencl.
sgemm, OpenCL | Faster loops
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