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Saturday, 18 April 2015, 16:37

less shitty internet and more shitty gout

So I got my NBN working again - by power cycling the NBN modem. This isn't terribly easy as it's got a battery backup and a difficult to access/remove power connector. Internode were no help at all and seem to have stopped even responding to support requests now, or at least mine. I only got one response a couple of weeks ago.

Going back to the ADSL did however let me confirm that there's something not quite right with it, as I managed to get some multiplayer DRIVECLUB games in - whilst it wasn't perfect as their servers are still pretty shitty at least it worked a few times - and it's never worked even once using the NBN. To confirm I've flipped back and forth a few times and it's still the same: ADSL works sometimes, NBN never works (it might let me start but always kicks me out). Even using the same shitty fritz-box; so maybe it's not the modem but reports elsewhere suggest it's a piece of junk. Why internode recommend them is beyond me, although i'm sure a firmware update could fix it if it's just that.

I'm not particularly annoyed that DRIVECLUB doesn't work itself because i'm just not into that kind of competition (albeit there is a small spark when it works, but wears thin quickly against deaf and dumb strangers) but it shits me that i've got something that doesn't work properly. I reached level 50 a few days ago - I don't understand when people call the game unapproachable, as it's easy to just work at your own pace and you can still eventually complete the game. I'm very much middle-of-the-road on all the leaderboards and "challenges" and aren't even playing that much each week.

When I feel like blowing an afternoon I'll try setting up a router+dhcp+etc on a GNU box and see if that will work properly just to confirm it's the router. From what I can tell my old billion VG wont support PPPoE without going over the ADSL link - I tried but failed to get anywhere.

Gout kicked up again a few days ago but i'm not really sure why this time. I caught up with some people over a few beers a couple of times and so on with no ill effects but then a week later it just started again. All I can think of is not enough water one day or climbing up a tree barefoot to do some pruning (clumsily). Or the attack is just more delayed than I thought and it was due to something I ate/did a few days earlier. It's mostly ok unless I try to walk but I had to go to the shop today because I ran out of drugs and that was pretty limpy - and to my shock the supermarket was out of ibuprofen, although fortunately the chemist is next to it. Going to be fun getting my bike shoe off. The rate slowed but i'm still losing weight - I had my appetite back there for a bit but it's deserted me again although I'm also putting in a conscious effort too. Come on 80kg, just 2 more to go.

I'm avoiding the news and barely watching tv (working, reading, or playing games instead) but what little I pick up is probably more depressing than these localised issues. But if someone like tony-"fucknut"-abbott can be voted in by the will of the people then what are you gonna do? I just got a mail from the FSF about the TPP ... i just can't believe these slimy cunts who would sell their own nations souvereignty out for the benefit of those who least need it. Why aren't they in a gaol cell or hanging from a tree for such obvious treason?

Well writing this blew a couple of hours in-between doing the washing and some vacuuming; although it's raining now so I gotta find somewhere to hang it. But what to do with the rest of the weekend ...

Update: Internode ended up calling me one night, sort of to appologise for the delay and to follow it up. Guy was a bit annoying, you know the type trying to be `helpful' whilst constantly pushing the conversation forward and not admitting to anything. When I mentioned DRIVECLUB he just did a web search, yeah like i didn't already try that. I never wanted to have to contact support in the first place and hopefully I don't have to again.

Foot's been worse. I have no idea why as right now i'm not really eating enough for it to be diet related and i'm drinking a normal amount of water. Unless it's the weight loss itself, which I guess is just a necessary cost since I need to lose it so i'm taking advantage of the fact I don't feel hungry most of the time right now.

Tagged biographical, rants.
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