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Sunday, 09 March 2014, 20:11

Strange surprise for the day.

  linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~/src/zcl> PATH=/usr<tab>
  PATH=/ not found


  linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~/src/zcl> echo $SHELL

tcsh? Oh wow. Weird. People still use that? Actually I know a sysadmin who still uses it but he still thinks SunOS 4 was the epitome of operating systems and he wont touch GNU/Linux with a barge pole (SomeBSD all the way for him). And yeah i'm also a little glad he doesn't admin anything i use ;-) Just teasing, although i'm a little baffled how he can do his job effectively without Bourne Shell scripts.

It's been so long it slipped my mind that '> ' implies a user-login csh when I saw the different prompt on the 131224 build of the parallella os. I think the last time I used tcsh was when I was at uni (20 years ago) until GNU/Linux pretty much forced me to use bash. Which i'm glad of because not only is it easier to learn and use, it's also more consistent and powerful.

Each to their own I guess/stranger things have happened/easily fixed, but still a surprise.

I should be out enjoying another unseasonally hot autumn day but following insufficient sleep after crashing rather late following a visit to friends yesterday arvo it's all a bit too hard. So i'm just having a quick poke at OpenCL on parallella again although some more sleep isn't very far off.


So I just now discovered something that means I messed up a bit. The 131224 OS looks to be the same linaro version with the same sdk as the previous image I was using. It's just using a different uboot, linux, and configured to start more desktop stuff. Or in other words all the stuff I changed or removed yesterday ... But more importantly it means the whole point of the exercise was missed: the binary dist of coprthr still isn't going to work.

Oops, well now don't i feel like a bit of a drop-kick. That was a good waste of a couple of afternoons so it might be a good idea to leave that topic for a bit and try a different approach next time.

Maybe revisit the elf-loader code I was experimenting with but work on creating a way of accessing it from Java. I have no trouble with C or even ASM hacking but writing a GUI in C or even touching C++ isn't something I'm going to do for fun and processing pam files from a command line isn't very interesting. Having an esdk analogue for Java could be quite useful actually now I think about it.

Otherwise I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and work on setting up a dev env on my workstation.

Tagged parallella, rants.
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