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Saturday, 22 February 2014, 16:35

Small poke

Started moving some of my code and whatnot over to the new pc and had a bit of a poke around DuskZ after fixing a bug in the FX slide-show code exposed by java 8.

I'm just working on putting the backend into berkeley db. Took a while to remember where I was at, then I made some changes to add a level of indirection between item (types) where they exist (on-map or in-inventory). And then I realised I need to do something similar for active objects but hit a small snag on how to do it ...

I'm trying to resolve the relationship between persistent storage and active instances whilst maintaining the class hierarchy and trying to leverage indices and referential integrity from the DB. And trying not to rewrite huge chunks of code. I think i'm probably just over-thinking it a bit.

Also now have too many importers/exporters for dead formats which can probably start to get culled.

So yeah, quick visit but (still) need to think a bit more.

Tagged dusk.
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