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Thursday, 28 February 2013, 22:16

DuskZ GMUD, & Source

I just got confirmation of the original source license so I decided to get it all out of the way tonight. I kept thinking it was Friday today, but since that's tomorrow I wanted to clean up then then try harder not to get sucked into hacking on it for the rest of my long-weekend.

I've kept most of the code GPL 2 or later but decided to exercise the 'or later' on the client side and used GPLv3 for the new files and for the whole package.

The source has been checked in to the DuskZ project. Well the DuskZ keeps with my naming convention theme, and it will soon diverge enough to need another name.

As I started without a version control system there is no detailed changelogs, but lets just say the changes have been 'considerable'.

Test Run

The code is pre-alpha but it should run the current test game from Zabin (with some bugs), although only the initially imported version will work. I already have pending changes to break it.

First check out all 3 modules from the DuskZ googlecode and build it. I use NetBeans 7.3 beta but presumably ant will work.

Then checkout the old test game from DuskRPG github. The compatible game files are in "DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3"

Start the server:

$ cd {path-to-DuskRPG}/DuskFiles/Dusk7.7.3
$ java -jar {path-to-DuskServer}/dist/DuskServer.jar

Start the client:

$ cd {path-toDuskRPG}/DuskFiles/Dusk7.7.3/www
$ java -jar {path-to-DuskZ}dist/DuskZ.jar

A recent Oracle version of java is currently required as the JavaFX stuff hasn't been fully freed yet for the openjdk. Fingers crossed it will be a matter of months.

Connect to localhost, port 7474 and enter a username/password to create a new account. If all's well you'll get dumped into the game, or not - no promises at this point.

Update: I forgot to add www to the client starting directory.

Tagged dusk, games, java, javafx.
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