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Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 21:40

socles updated for jogamp 2

Just to show that it's not all angry rants around here ...

Continuing my mirror of the news items on my projects, I just updated socles to include jogamp 2.0 - fortunately the API was the same so it was just changing the included libraries in the build.

I still have a JOAL patch outstanding but just haven't been in the right mood to work on it for a while. Getting back to work last week was a bit of a shock to the system; but i'm slowly getting back into the groove and will eventually have time and energy left over for hacking.

I've been doing a bit of video stuff which is helping to harden and clean up jjmpeg a bit more, and I have a few minor patches pending for that. I've also been poking very tenatively at a slideshow creator/video compositor: but there's a lot of crap I don't really want to have to write (ugh, timeline anyone) so i'm not exactly making any headway yet.

Tagged hacking, java, socles.
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