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Saturday, 11 February 2012, 09:48

Blah, ffmpeg changes and pain.

Sigh. I was looking at moving jjmpeg to ffmpeg 0.10, and along the way remove the use of deprecated APIs.

But there's a lot of pain involved here:

  1. There's quite a lot of deprecated stuff - Well what can you do eh?
  2. Custom streams are completely deprecated with no public API to replace them. That means AVIOStream will have to be thrown away and at best you're left with using pipes or sockets.
  3. Some arguments are now arrays. This is a lot more of a head-fuck than you'd imagine and will require messy and inefficient code to marshal values around.
  4. Some constructors now take in-out parameters as the object pointer. This requires a new constructor mechanism and frobbing around.
  5. Some arguments are also in-out parameters. Hello CORBA style holder arguments, or some other mechanism (the Holder type seems the easiest though) and a lot of fuffing about with jni callbacks to access them. Also, this cannot be inferred from the prototype alone, so I also need to expand the generator for that.

The last 3 not being in libav* was one of the reasons I tackled jjmpeg in the first place, it was a nice clean api using fairly consistent conventions. This made it quite simple to bind.

Tagged hacking, java, jjmpeg.
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