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Tuesday, 16 February 2010, 21:56

All good things must come to an end.

Looks like my extended holiday will soon be over - the work i've had lined up for some time is finally in the last stages of it's paperwork. Damn! Hmmm, working again will be tough, although the work will be more interesting than last time (or, at least it bloody well better be!).

Might take a bit of a break from (or at least, a significant reduction of) the beagle board hacking whilst I catch up on house work, yard work, sleep, exercise, get a hair cut, and/or just to go to the beach in the few days I have left in this hot weather. Damn i'm so far behind on sleep. I never catch up on that. Sleep sleep sleep. Sigh, repeating it doesn't help either. Sleep sleep. Worth a try.

I felt i'd hit a bit of a wall anyway, so it's probably a good time to take a break, and making progress on sound was a nice milestone.

Tagged biographical.
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