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Wednesday, 10 February 2010, 04:27

Time is an illusion ...

Damn, it's 4am again. Knew I should've gone out for a ride yesterday, just haven't felt really sleepy - but it's starting to bite now.

I was watching TV (well, I had it on, it was a pretty boring - and extremely long - silent movie from Taiwan) and catching up on the news ... and then I got bored with that ... and poked around the 'my.ti.com' for a little while and came across some beagleboard TV out stuff. And being a glutton for punishment, something to look at at midnight ...

When playing with the Haiku boot process I had installed an older u-boot which initialises the video, so I guessed that should at least be a good signal. So I dragged it all around to the TV again and plugged it in and booted it up. Blah, still crap. What's going on. So as a last resort I tried another cable - i'd been using one of those expensive ones and just didn't expect any problems. Found a brand new cheapie from a video card or something ... damn, worked!

Well after much mucking about and a few mistakes I added some API to add TV out, and handle viewports on larger data (to clone the lcd display), and well, enough crapping on:

Don't mind the grey screen on the venerable old 1084 ... I don't have the right cable to hook up separated-lca to s-video, so there's no colour signal.

Hmm, now the cat's whining, wonder what he wants.

Tagged beagle, hacking, puppybits.
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