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Tuesday, 23 June 2009, 00:11

Another cell tutorial

Just uploaded another Cell tutorial ... they've just about come to an end, and although there's probably things I could write about, the urge to do it only comes in spurts. I just introduce an absolutely bare minimum library for accessing the ps3 frame-buffer.

And otherwise ... I had some strange thought at the pub one night that I should 'write a game', and unfortunately sobering up didn't dispel such a silly idea (it's not like I don't already have plenty of other ideas floating around to keep me busy). A mate of mine has wanted to write one from before I met him (damn, was it already 15 years ago), so I asked him to join me, and maybe we'll get somewhere this time. Perhaps - he's a bit of a rabid Ninty fan (which I am not) so it may not end up something I'd play; but i'm not particularly worried about what comes out. I've never written one either, so it's the journey and not the outcome that counts. It's a whole new set of basically unfamiliar problems so it's pretty much starting from scratch.

Tagged hacking, ps3.
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