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Monday, 15 June 2009, 18:43

On stuff, and other stuff.

Well I've updated the cell tutorial with another entry. This rounds out the optimisations for the Mandelbrot Set generator, with I think some impressive results.

I spent most of the weekend (another nasty cold and wet one) plugging away at my renderer and reading up on bits and pieces. As I suspected `it was harder than that'. Oh well. Losing interest on that track, so I think I will play with some Cell code for a while - I started work on completing the IPC chapter again which I'd abandoned a couple of months ago. Then I might go back to the freetype renderer or maybe agg (the freetype renderer I was looking at turned out to be based on that).

It's amazing how much ones productivity changes from day to day. When things are kicking along you can write several thousands of lines of code in a week, and a lot of it can be good code. When you hit a wall everything seems to grind to a halt. I spent all weekend writing 50 lines of ... total worthless crap.

Oh well, another week gets under-way.

Tagged graphics, hacking, ps3.
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