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Thursday, 09 April 2009, 09:12

Introduction to CBE, Part 2 (chapter 3)

I've uploaded the second part of my Cell BE intro up toEverything Cell. Things are a bit more interesting this time and it gets straight into talking about double-buffered DMA and SPUs and registers and other fun stuff. Should be enough to digest until the next chapter which gets into multi-processing.

Whilst checking that it uploaded ok I did some proof-reading and realised the writing style isn't terribly good. If wordpress didn't force html line breaks all over the place it would look a bit better too. My excuse is that it's only a draft and i'll keep working on it as I have time.

Although now i've got this out of the way i've gone back to playing with some of my Java projects for a while. Oddly enough, using wordpress has given me inspiration to work on my own internet publishing tool again; although it also shows just how far off my ideas are of being realised too.

Tagged hacking, ps3.
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