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Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 13:40

libeze 2.0, 1.1

I had a few fixes I did ages ago I thought I should push out. Mainly some stupid list errors.

I also redid the tree api such that a version bump was required. The changes are sore of either/or and add an extra argument to several functions but it was for some consitency with the list api (no allocations, static init) and I found some intersting uses for changing the comparison function at search time while working on playerz.

The software is on the libeze page as usual. I also added a CHANGES file with the release notes/changelog.

Weeks ago I also did a lot of other experiments and played with ideas but they never fully formed. Support for more sophsiticated serialisation, elf stuff, and lots of experiemnts with memory and pool allocators. Just can't make a decision on those and I forgot where they were at so who knows.

I haven't done it for libeze yet but i've started moving my projects to using git. I don't really like it (the commands are often obtuse and the documentation isn't user oriented) but CVS support is starting to wane quite markedly in modern tools. Sigh.

Tagged hacking, libeze.
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