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Welcome to my own little corner of the web - one not paid for by advertising, and where neither you the reader nor I the author are the product.

For a little about me see the first blog entry on this site: A Hacker's Introduction originally written a decade ago on another service.

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Site News


Changed to use a git browser for I'm still setting it up so things might change for a while.


Cleaned up the software page a bit.

I also removed some of the Code links as that is out of date and unmaintained for the moment. Still thinking about a solution for that and I might disable it at some point.


A couple of days ago I tweaked the css and html to improve rendering on (some) phones. It's kinda shit but better sometimes.

I noticed the crawlers were referncing broken url's and found any internal-post links were broken, so i've fixed those. I think when I originally imported them I hadn't completely settled on the site layout rules like /post for posts, and so on.


Added Last-Modified headers to the blog generator. There's some timezone-related skew, I haven't implemented the time related If- headers, and it only goes by the post date itself, but maybe it's better than nothing.


Renewed the VPS for another 13 months. Whee!

I've been occupied with other concerns so there's not been any further development on the site yet.


Bit of a nasty one, I had a dumb bug in my fast-cgi parameter handling that broke with some requests. Just happened to affect mobile browsers more than the ones I use.

Should be fixed now - the blog should no longer give an internal server error for such browsers.


Another discovery, Let's Encrypt. So most all of the site is now accessible via https. For the moment is not.

Add a site icon. Workbench 2.0 palette.


Oh, I discovered the ETag header. As a quick-and-dirty I just update the etag whenever I recompile the blog driver and post it for every response. Since some of the information on every page is dynamic (like the tag counts) this is probably about as good as I can do anyway.


Made a small alteration to the tag url. Was "tag[/postid]?tag=tagname" is now "/tag/tagname[?post=postid]". Also tighter tolerances to bad input.


The blog driver now runs using FastCGI. It's a bespoke incomplete implementation but seems ok so far.


Manually fixed most of the old internode ( links in various blog entries to point here. A couple of things I still need to move over though.


Implemented post tags and related indices. These don't match the blogger url's but they provide the same functionality.

Also started work on a system-wide stylesheet. This is now used by the blog system but only a few project pages use it so far.

There has been zero invalid login attempts since the hardening changes a couple of days ago and probe attempts are also down markedly.


Made some config hardening changes to stop invalid login attempts.


Converted the blogger blog over and wrote a basic (read-only) driver. See the Blog link above.

It's still work in progress and i'm working on the live site so things could break or change when i'm working on it. I do have the few comments that have been made and will probably get them added at some point.

Part of the conversion fixed (some of) the html, renamed and downloaded the image files and so on. I haven't done a whole lot of checking but any broken links are probably due to google code vanishing.


Initial setup, added software projects and cvstrac.

To access the cvstrac repositories see "Browse Source" at the top of any software pages where it is available.


Server went live, nothing of import going on